Thankful Thursday: Lily Rivers

Books Books Books!  We love books!

Ok. I love books.  I don’t read nearly enough because I get distracted by my hubby, our dog, the internet, TV, family, the weather (I planted seeds yesterday!!)… it doesn’t matter what distracts me, it just does.  I’m going to try to get back to all the books I have stacked up on my Kindle Paperwhite and my physical books too!!

Today, I am thankful for a dear friend who is also an author. I have read some, but not all of her books. Lily Rivers is heating up the reading world with her erotic novellas. These are  not for the tame or timid.

Can you handle Lily Rivers and all of her bad good girls?? 

List of Lily Rivers Books

“Beau Reve – Tara” happens to be Kindle Unlimited day!! At the time I started writing this post I had no idea.  I looked at the long list of books and BOOM!  Wahoo!  What other way to get hooked on a new author?

Here is the teaser to get you hooked on the Beau Reve series coming soon:

When Tara was offered an all expense paid vacation, she didn’t know she would find herself on some kind of sexual fantasy island funded by billionaires who had more money than they knew what to do with. After speed dating the first night at Beau Reve, Tara met Ryan who was more than ready to show her a good time. Would she allow herself to fall apart in the handsome stranger’s arms?

Beau Reve Tara via Amazon.


What else has Lily written? Well….


Guess we’ll all have to read the series and find out! :O 

Good Girls Do – Part 1


Do you have any questions for the author?  I’d be happy to relay them to her and I’ll post her responses.  Post them up!


Thankful Thursday: MS Walk Supporters

A special thanks to all of my friends and family for donating your hard earned money to the National MS Society.  The Albuquerque MS Walk is on April 9th. I will have some friends and family in town cheering me on and walking with me. I am SOOOO incredibly excited to have a live cheering section.  I also know that I have my friends who can’t make it here, cheering me on from their homes or workplaces.  One of my friends (she’s also recently released a new book), will be walking the same distance that day in honor of the walk.  I am honored to have such amazing friends and family.  

Date: Saturday – April 9, 2016
Location: Hoffmantown Church
Map: <– where we start
Time: Site opens at 8:00 a.m.; walk begins at 9:00 a.m.

If you’d like to make a donation — The team will gladly accept your $$$. =)


If you’d like to be a part of the walk locally, please sign up (free) and be a part of Team MMC Racing (same link above) and add yourself to the roster.  I might have some couch space left you can crash on.

You can also be a virtual walker (free) on Team MMC Racing and help raise funds if you can’t make it locally.  We have 44 days left to raise $1000 (team goal). We already have $740, we’re SOOOO CLOSE!

If you’re planning on being local and I don’t know it yet, please let me know.  We’re trying to decide if we’re getting Team MMC Racing Shirts or not.

Thank you, everyone.


In case you’re interested In the book I mentioned. It is for 18+ and contains explicit contentLily Rivers’ New Book

Thankful Thursday: My Support System

I am thankful for the sincere, “How are you?” questions that come from friends and family; my support system.

I was recently reading a thread on a Facebook page relating to MS and the medicine I take.  I was struck by this post: “I used to tell my husband when I had “ms stuff” happening. Now when I’m asked how I feel, I usually just say fine. Feel like I’m always complaining otherwise. Anybody else?”

I replied, nearly instantly, “I tell him if he asks. He’s my partner. He’s my teammate. We’re in this together.”  

I am not shy to talk about health related item that bother me though.  I am very aware of my body and changes in it, so I talk about it with my husband. I always have. I don’t work out every day and eat healthy all of the time, so I’m not a health nut. But, when I notice changes that don’t make sense or something hurts, I talk about it with my hubby.  How else will he know what’s wrong or if something is bothering me if I don’t tell him?

Now that MS is in the mix, I don’t shy away from telling him something is wrong or good.  When my feet stopped tingling, I told him.  When my shot hurts, I tell him.  When I feel like I can tackle the world, I tell him.  When I am so tired that I just need to go back to bed, even though I just woke up, I tell him.

I am baffled why folks don’t tell their family or friends the truth when asked, “How are you?”  Several of the responses from that FB thread say: “I just say I’m fine.” or “I’m good.” These folks also admitted they don’t tell the truth to people because they feel like they’re complaining or that their partner doesn’t believe them.  

This makes me sad. Very very sad.  I can’t imagine not being honest with my husband.  I can’t imagine him not caring about how I feel. I can’t imagine him not believing how I feel.

I know I am loved by him and by my other family members. I can feel it, they tell me, and they ask — “How are you feeling?”  They all mean it — sincerely and honestly — they all want to know how I am feeling and how they can help me feel better.

I hope the same for everyone else out there. Having a support system is so important.  Don’t hide how you feel — physically or emotionally — please.  New symptoms may mean your meds aren’t working.  Changes in emotions — if you’re feeling depressed or anxious — may mean you need some medicinal support. Both are completely normal for those of us with MS.  

Thank you, sincerely and forever, to my support system.  I am very thankful for you all.

We Got This!

For my fellow Multiple Sclerosis Warriors — We can do it. 

If you are on Teva’s Copaxone 40 mg 3 times per week medicine for your MS — here are a few tips I have from my personal experience.  I’m only 9 months in, but I have learned so much from a few online communities, my husband, and myself.

My suggestions are:

  1. Follow the Share Solutions nurse’s direction as best as possible. It is a lot of information to learn the first day. If you can have a health care partner with you, I’d recommend they be there with you and practice with you.  My husband and best friend gives me my shots on M-W-F.  We pick out each spot in that day’s zone together. I do the heating and the prep work. He applies the alcohol swab, the injection, and then a cotton pad in case I have a little blood. *Don’t worry if you get a little blood, it’s totally normal.*
  2. Call Shared Solutions or your dedicated nurse any time you feel you need it!  That’s what they are there for. Use them.  Oh yeah — you can also call them for a travel case, a cooling neck wrap thing, more ice / warm packs, sharps clipper, another Autoject device if you need one, AND if you accidentally mess up an injection, they’ll even sent you a replacement! 
  3. Heat the spot well. I mean well.
    I like my skin to be pink from the heat just prior to injection. A good 5 minutes like the nurse recommends, sometimes more if hubby is busy doing something else.
  4. Use a planner for your shots. Try the online Copaxone tracker, Phone App, or whatever else you like that will help you keep track of where and when you’re due for a shot. Here is a sample of how I keep track of my injections.
    1. I use the Android phone app to track when I inject; add my notes there as well.
    2. On my laptop, I use a picture from the website application and update it each injection. This method helps us to make sure we’re not over using one location.
  5. Pick a time that works best for your schedule. Maybe first thing in the morning is what you like (I do) or the last thing before bed. I was dreading 7 pm on M-W-F.  Now, we get the shots done first thing in the morning and I go about my business and don’t think about MS for the rest of the day.  Sure, there may be a little “down time” with a bit of discomfort, but hopefully, yours is like mine and doesn’t last long.
  6. Remember: you are not alone.  
    I don’t have anyone located near me that I know / am friends with that has MS.  I rely on my husband, my family, and my online network.
    We’re all here for you. When you’re having a bad day or your nervous — holler out. Someone will be here to listen and help you through it.  There are several online resources — check them out!  These are the three I use, but I know there are others out there.

    1. MyMSTeam –
    2. Facebook – Copaxone –
    3. Facebook – Taking Copaxone –
  7. Write down your reactions so you can remember what to do again (or not to do) when you’re at the same zone again.  Sometimes you’ll go too shallow but you may not remember it by the time you get back to that zone.  Sometimes it will hurt more than others.  Have a conversation with your Shared Solutions Nurse about your reactions and see what he or she says about limiting them.
  8. Write down the “order of operations.”  I recently started using Lanacane, and before I did, I discussed the order I should complete the injection steps with a pharmacist.  The steps got more complicated, but are still easy enough to remember, especially since I have my partner to help me!
    1. Rub in Lanacane.
    2. Apply Warm pack.
    3. Alcohol swab the area.
    4. Air dry.
    5. Inject.
    6. Apply Cotton Round.
    7. Apply Warm pack.
  9. Try not to stress.
    It’s a little nerve wracking at first. You’ll get into a groove / pattern / method that works best for you in a few months.
  10. Don’t quit.
    You’ll get to a point where you think you can’t handle it anymore.  Just the routine of it, or the discomfort, or the reminder you have MS.  Don’t quit.  It gets better about 5 months in! =)  Lots of folks say the same thing I experienced. I hope the same or better for you!
  11. We got this!!!!

I’m not a healthcare professional.  Always check with your doctor or nurse about how you should take your medicine. 

Hi again

Sure has been a while, huh?

I don’t have any reason why I haven’t blogged. I have the time, I have the thoughts, I just haven’t been writing, in any way at all, for a long time.

I’ve recently been inspired by a dear friend of mine. She writes nearly every day and every moment she isn’t spending with her family. She’s writing or revising several books at the same time.  I can barely focus on one!

I am going to do my best to get my household things done, job hunting, and write.  This is a path we’ve been down before, isn’t it??😉

Let’s see what The Involuntary Housewife can do this year!

Because obvious stuff isn’t always obvious

I read this and thought it was a great list of questions to ask myself.  With the diagnosis comes plenty of emotional and mental ups and downs.  This serves as a reminder for myself.  I hope you get something out of this reblog.


Multiple Sclerosis Walk 2016

Hello, my friends.

As many of you know I was diagnosed with Relapsing / Remitting MS (RRMS) in July 2015. 

We found it quickly, got on a treatment plan quickly, and I am doing well today. The Hubby is (and always has been) my rock, my partner, my medicine giver, and my best friend. We make a great team!

This year I am walking in the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) walk in Albuquerque, NM. The Event is on April 9th.

Please join us in Albuquerque, if you can, for the MS Walk in person or join my Team ( and be a virtual walker to raise funds for the team. You can donate today on Giving Tuesday or any time before April 9th.  Don’t forget that your employer may match your donation, so be sure to let them know via their process that you donated! 


Need to know a little more about MS?

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system which interrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with at least two to three times more women than men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide.

Do you have questions? Please ask me and I’ll answer all that I can.


grammatical voice

This post encapsulates it all.

Wrong Hands

grammatical voice

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Times are a changing

I left you last time with a mostly vague post about being sick and taking some time off. I’m hoping to get back on a normal schedule again, soon. It will take a little time to adjust to a new schedule. When I’m not here, I’ll be working and studying. Hang with me! =) K?

The big thing that has happened recently — We sold our house!

Are you homeless when you have no permanent mailing address? If that’s what deems homeless, then that we are! What an amazing adventure we’re going on.

Yep, another vague post.😉

Just know — I’m happy.


modern art simplified

I enjoy this blog — thought you’d enjoy the humor in it as well.

Wrong Hands

modern art simplified

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