Thankful Thursday: Where did you go?

Yep, I missed it!!  That’s what happens then earning the pay check comes before blogging. :O  Whoops.

Well… time to get ready for that paycheck earning job and I’ll leave you with this:

I am thankful I have a great job that challenges my brain and makes me happy.

Fitness: Got Abs?

Yeah, we all got ‘em. But are the muscles weak and covered in a layer of fat? Mine are.  

The abs I really want — Look a lot like Gwen Stefani’s.

Will I ever have them? Probably not. I am not sure I even want to be that thin. I mean, I want to be thinner, but is that the way to go for me?

I have been a size 5 before, but I never had visible ab muscles.  I wanted to see them, but I am honestly not sure my body will ever lose that layer of “baby fat” as my family used to call it around my belly. If I don’t suck in my belly, I feel like I look pregnant. :/  Yes, the first part of great abs and being healthier is the food part.  I have to assume we’re all trying our best on the food part. =)

In case you want Gwen Abs — here’s an interview and a workout routine.  I’ll try what I can on this list, but I don’t and won’t have all the equipment required.  I’ll substitute as required.

Will you please share with us if you try this workout?

If you have great abs, how did you get them and keep them?

Goal Today:
Gwen’s Workout


Thankful Thursday: 4 Day Weekends

Oh hell yes!  You can’t tell me you aren’t Thankful for them. 

I spent 4 days with the love of my life, on vacation, relaxing and rejuvenating.  Oh yeah.  

I was excited when Thursday’s work day ended early starting my 4 day weekend early — like 4.5 day weekend! Wahoo!! 

Being somewhat unplugged for the weekend was great. I could get online when I wanted, but mostly, I snuggled, slept, read, or people watched.  People watching is always a great past time, especially in Sin City.   

Did you have a 2, 3, or 4 day weekend for President’s Day? What did you do with your weekend?  If I were home, I would have been playing in the garden and back yard. Guess we know what I’ll be doing this coming weekend!

#whatsgrowinginmygarden #mylegsaregonnahurt #whatshouldweplant #thankfulthursday

Happy Thursday!  

Fitness: Lunges or Squats?

Which do you prefer and why?

I prefer squats since I can control the weight on both knees at the same time. Lunges make it painful for my knees, so I tend to avoid them.  I oddly enjoy the bicycle, even though it uses my knees to the fullest extent. 

Today’s Goal: 
7 Squats
15+ Minutes of Cardio


Fitness: Another slow day

Well, today was another day of mostly sitting.  I wiggled my feet a lot while I was sitting. I read for nearly 4 hours! I finished my second book in 4 days and started number 3. Kinda crazy. I love 4 day weekends.  What did you do with your weekend (2, 3, or 4 days for you)?

So, tomorrow, I’ll do my best to wake up with enough time to work out. I will probably be awake early, as normal, so we’ll see how it goes.

My Goal for Tuesday: 15+ minutes of cardio; 5 squats; Hydrate–Hydrate–Hydrate!

What’s your goal?!?


Fitness: Active on a Sitting Day?

Friday this week is going to include several hours of sitting.  I can’t do anything about it, it is the schedule we have.

When you have a day like this, how do you fit in movement so you don’t get stiff or feel ultra lazy?

I’m thinking I will practice Kegels, sucking in my tummy, and tracing circles with my toes while I’m sitting.  That’s not exactly moving, I know, but it is working a few muscles while sedentary.  I am hoping to get a work out in before I begin sitting, but the day is starting pretty early, so we’ll see what happens!

You have some advice for me because I’m taking it?!?!  I will be getting some walking in Friday night, but I can’t determine how much for how long until I actually do it!

Goal Today: Add activity when I can!

Thankful Thursday: Open Minded Doctors

Whoda thunk it?!

Well, after a week of a headache, sometimes a migraine, sometimes not, I pulled myself into the doctor’s office. I had to see a PA, which was OK, but she wasn’t my normal doctor.  I was little iffy about the whole thing. I was new to her, she was new to me, I had never had a headache this long… it was enough to raise this girl’s blood pressure to new heights.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too high. =)

So, this PA and I, we talked. She asked great questions. She listened. She really listened. She looked at my chart and asked follow up questions. Wahoo. A doc that is paying attention!?!? Did I die and go to Patient Heaven?

I’ll be honest — I went in to get an Rx, good old Western Medicine. Specifically an Rx for something heavy duty.  I tried all the OTC options, previous Rx meds, and different single or blends or homemade blends of doTERRA essential oils. NOTHING WORKED! Sleeping, which thankfully I could do, didn’t shake it off. I did’t try massage therapy (don’t yell at me Peggy) or Chiropractic. I didn’t try those things because they meant getting in a car and I would be the one driving. Trust me — you didn’t want me on the road.  My headache had dissipated by the time I had my PA appointment. Annnnyway….

after I got the Rx I was looking for, I asked her if she recommended something non-Western medicine. 

“Yes! You’ll find that I am different than most…” She went on.  I knew she was the one for me. She recommended Peppermint essential oil, which I had tried, but I was willing to try again. She recommended adding Magnesium to my nightly routine, and I am doing that.  She even recommended a small cup of coffee (which I won’t be doing) because the body typically likes caffeine to prevent a headache!? WHAT?!  I haven’t ever had a medical professional recommend caffeine, but I like that she is an out of the box thinker!

Thanks, PA, for being cool, open to Eastern Medicine, and open to taking on a crazy patient like me! See you next month for my check up!

Fitness: Back in the Swing

I don’t know about you, but I am DAYUM busy at work these days. This is a great thing, because if you remember, this time last year, I was still unemployed.   I had time to work out, work in the yard, go on for forever long walks, or be lazy and wallow in sorrow on the couch.  

There is no time for that these days.  I still try to harvest in the mornings before work. There isn’t a lot growing in the garden right now, but that means I need to get busy working the soil and planting new seeds!  I am just getting back in the swing of working out again in the mornings. It’s a hard habit to get into yet so very easy to break.   It’s time to get back in the swing of things. What do ya say?!  

You’re in?! Great!

Drop and give me 10! 

10 push-ups — in whatever way you can do them. Rest on your knees instead of your toes. That’s too hard? No problem — lean on the wall and try to push it away from you. Regular push ups are too easy? Try them one handed!

10 lunges —  Got somewhere to go? Lunge there! Sure, you might look a little silly doing this at work, but you could try it at home when you’re walking from the kitchen (a.k.a. fridge) to the living room (a.k.a. couch). 

10 oz of water. — If you’re not a water drinker — get an extra 10 ounces in today. You know — you could fit them in after push ups and lunges — your body will thank you!

Enjoy your day! 

Let me know how you do. Are you getting a friend to workout with you? 



Fitness: Yea yea, I said I’d be back

Well, the headache for 7+ days really set me back. Then work has been non-stop. AND we hosting a surprise party for a dear friend over the weekend.  There was a lot of activity completed. I  don’t know if I would call any of is “exercise” though. All that meant I was too busy to post and equally too busy to make time for a work out and our chats about working out.

I’m back.

I’m awake. I’m sitting 10 feet from the home gym. I’m in my work out clothes. I am technically 100% ready to get in there.  I just don’t wanna. I know… that’s not the right mentality to have… but I just don’t wanna. I wanna crawl back in bed with hubby and dog and sleep for another hour. I wanna sit online and read what’s happened over night while I actually slept.  I even want to check my work email to see if anything has happened in the 9 hours since I left it alone. 

Enough of the “wannas” because those aren’t getting my booty to the gym!

I need to. That’s a whole different emotion. I need to drop a few more pounds so my knees won’t hurt so much and maybe my hip will love me again. I think it would be easier to live on Mars with less gravitational pull at this point.  I need to so I can keep these headaches away. I need to because it is what my body needs even if my brain thinks it wants something else.  My body will love me for the endorphin rush at some point.  Right??


Ok.. Ok.. you talked me into it. No Mars landing — just go land my butt in the bike seat in the gym. I got it!

Happy Sweating!


Goal today: 15+ minutes of exercise + 5 squats + upping water intake.



Where did I go??

Well, a migraine took over my life for a week.

It wasn’t a full 7 days with a migraine, but it was a week with my head hurting most of the time.

As soon as I have time to breathe and I have caught up on my personal business, I’ll get back to posting.



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