Giving Tuesday

Today is dubbed #GivingTuesday. Today, I need your support to be a part of the solution I so desperately need: Curing Multiple Sclerosis. I have mentioned MS before. You may remember my post from last February or this one.

In April, I will participate in Albuquerque’s Walk MS 2017, but there is no need to wait until April to make your tax deductible donation. *hint hint*  You can find my MMC Racing Team Page here.  If you would like to join my team and help raise money — PLEASE DO!  If you’d like to simply donate, PLEASE DO!  

Last year was my first year participating in he event. This year I hope to have a stronger, larger, and louder team. Will you commit to being a part of the solution?  I hope you will. Please feel free to post up questions and I will answer them the best I can from my perspective and experience. My answers pertain to me and maybe no one else with MS. People with MS present differently, at different times, with different symptoms, with different responses to stimuli, etc. I’ll see if I can get a few friends to answer your questions as well so you can get a larger view than my own on this disease.

Don’t know what MS is? This may help: 

What causes MS? No one really know. 

What kind of MS does the Involuntary Housewife have?  RRMS – Relapsing Remitting MS.


Please know I thank you all and appreciate you all for being here, with or without a donation. I always will.

<3 The Involuntary Housewife, a.k.a. girl1dir

Thankful Thursday: Being Truly Thankful

I have been doing Thankful Thursday for a long time now. I may not be consistent, but I am genuinely thankful for all the small things and all the big things, as I hope you can see from my previous posts. This Thankful Thursday happens to land on Thanksgiving. So this one’s going to be especially thankful.

This year’s been very busy and full of new experiences.

January was cold and it took some getting used to. I was applying for jobs looking for the right place to work.  We also had several contractors over to the house making it fit our needs just right.  January we also started to get our niece after school several days a week and it was great to have that bonding time together over snacks and homework.  I’m not so Thankful for getting MRI results that showed change since June 2015, but I can say I am thankful for a specialist I can talk to where I feel like I am heard.  We agreed to change meds.

February rolls in and it started with my SIL and me going to see Caesar Milan!  Yep. I saw the dog whisperer with the other female dog mom in the family. We had a great time.  I continued applying for jobs and landed this great interview as an Associate Project Manager. This is the month I started going to PMI RGC Chapter meetings too! We even settled on some new furniture for the new house. I also made fast friends with the mom of the locksmith we hired to do some work.

March is supposed to in like a lion and out like a lamb, right?  Funny, because my March started with a massage from a local gal who is also a new friend. I’d say it was in like a lamb.ūüėČ  My brother had another Birthday! Wahoo!  This month was still full of meeting people and networking to see what kinds of jobs were out there. I also hired a new primary care doctor and would you believe her and her hubby are from Chicago?! How amazing is this? March was when a lot of things changed for me and changed some ways I looked at life. I was finally able to switch up medications which led to lots of unique side effects. Some of which I still deal with today. Thankfully, I found a way to negotiate my day with my medicine. I also accepted a job offer of which I couldn’t be happier about.

April is when I started the new PM job.  I hadn’t worked since we moved in mid-November. After that first week of new job excitement and peeing in a cup, it quieted down until I started on the 11th. It was strange and exciting at first.  Talk about big changes happening in April.  I was still battling changes in my meds and dealing with side effects.  It was awful really, I’m not going to sugar coat it because this is a thankful post.  I can say, with time and keeping an open channel with my doctor, we figured out how to handle side effects.  On a happier note, we also went to a high school band concert for our niece and a Football State Championship ceremony for nephew. =) GO STORM!

May was mostly quite. Slow and low that is the tempo. Right?  Game of Thrones Monday nights with the brother and SIL. And an MRI because I wasn’t feeling quite right. Thankfully, the MRI had good news to share with us. No progression. No active lesions. No optic neuritis. Wahoo!!

June we celebrated hubby’s birthday and our 18 year anniversary! How did that happen!??! Later in the month we met a new to us local who loves Nissans and has MS. He’s a great combo for a new friend. I think this may have been the month I decided I was going to invest in a Cooling Vest so I could have more stamina and play outside with everyone else. Best decision I could have made about personal summer equipment

July we took a trip to see some great friends that we hadn’t seen in about 5+ years. Car part installation and girl talk galore. It was an awesome time to be Thankful for. And, daaaaamn we her home made cookies amazing.

August was another mostly quiet month in our house, but there were a couple birthdays celebrated about 3 miles away. After all the busy times in the previous months it is nice to have a quiet month to recuperate.

September was a great trip home to Illinois. Then the football games started for my nephew and niece. Both on the field in ‘gear.’ Him in a helmet and safety gear. Her carrying color guard flags. Both successfully completing fancy footwork with their teams.

In October I finally felt like I new some women at work well enough to invite them over for a recurring Knitting Night at my house. We had our first night together and it was fun as well as educational. They worked on projects they had started and I completed a sewing machine project I started MONTHS ago. Yeah!  And guess what?  Those Knitting Nights… they’re on a Thursday! Even MORE things to be thankful for on Thursdays.  We also had a house guest this month. Another ol’ friend we hadn’t seen in about 3-ish years. I am thankful we could offer him a warm bed and some home cookin’ while he was away from his family on this trip.  I also organized dinner and Paint Nite with some of the women from work. We had a blast together.  It was so nice to see folks outside of work.  We’re going to start that back up in January. AND you also previously read in a different post that we’re drag racing again… and I did excellent! I have made a faster pass since then. Personal Best for girl1dir! *Cheshire cat grin*  Hubby got a personal best as well on the track! Got himself booted OFF the track! HAHAHAHA!! That is another story that needs to be told. There was also a fantastic Marching Band and Color Guard competition that the Amazing Niece was in. Wahoo!! Oh I nearly forgot (I did have to go look it up), I participated in a Mustang Car Show and won 3rd place for “Modified Mustang”!  WHAT?!?! Wahoo!!! It was damn hot, but it ended up being a great time with car lovers and making new friends. Just so many things happened this month including more high school football.

November is another busy month to be sure! Training for 2 days. San Diego for 6 days. Our new hire at work started the day I got back (guess that means I can’t claim new girl status anymore). 5 new projects put on my list of things to do at work. Thanksgiving is being hosted at our place.Football Championship games are going on. The next is on my birthday (stay tuned for an early birthday present post in a few weeks)! Wahoo!!

I love November.  It is a great time of year when the colors change and maybe we get snow (yuck). It is the time of year when most people remember what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving and from the past year.  I am thankful for it all. Thank you, my family, my friends and my blog followers, for making life amazing and loving me through everything. You make my world go round. Without you, I wouldn’t have nearly as many experiences to be thankful for!‚̧

Happy Thanksgiving.

Please, post up and let us know what you’re thankful for.




Thankful Thursday: Besties

I recently had the most amazing week a girl could have. We took a week-long trip back home to San Diego. I was booked from the time we landed to the time that we got on the plane to go back to NM. The hubby had to work, but I got to play.

Monday, I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen, of course in a year, but even probably a year before that. She was going to school full time and working on a budding relationship. She was also pregnant with her second child. Busy busy busy! ¬†We hung out at home with the nearly 1 year old daughter catching up. Trading stories and tips. It was a wonderful day to catch up.

Tuesday, I hung out with a lifelong friend all day because she took the day off work for me.  We got massages (by our dear friend at Spa33), ate lunch, played with her horse Wes, we ran errands, and we even picked out a bathroom countertop. Our evening was filled with more chatting, more amazing food, and the company of her boyfriend. I have held off discussing the number of tears which were shed until now. They started and stopped several times throughout the day. It was practically perfect in every way.

Wednesday, was another busy day with a trip to where I used to work. To be specific, I visited friends and a brand new baby!!  This trip turned into a several hour excursion where I ran into probably 25 people that I know. It was an amazing time. That afternoon, I hung out with another lifelong friend and her daughter walking along the beach. We followed up the walk with having the most excellent fancy dinner on the beach, with an amazing server, with an excellent view of the ocean. Awesome.

Thursday, you would have thought I would have continued the fun, but instead I actually started my day going to the dentist but it was for a regularly scheduled cleaning. Boring. ¬†Thursday afternoon and evening, amazing friends hosted me at homw. One of which took the day off work again for me and we got to go clothes shopping, ate a few “small plates” for lunch, then grocery store shopping for dinner that night. We stopped at a local brewery, enjoyed a flight, and then home for dinner together where we just caught up and had a great time time.

Friday was another big day. Last full day in San Diego. ¬†I met up with my best, old, curmudgeon of a friend. He met me at Balboa Park. Photography museum. Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. Lunch at El Prado. What a day full of walking, fresh air, and inappropriate jokes. Yep. Hilarious that guy. Dinner and more walking around was with a girlfriend from my previous job. Catching up and talking and talking and talking. Yep, that’s what girls do.. isn’t it?

I am so very thankful for all my friends. I appreciate your time and love. ūüíú

Thankful Thursday: YEAH!

The sounds and smells of the drag strip are something else.¬† My first time at the track, many many moons ago was exciting and scary. Now, more than 10 years later (I think), there is still excitement and it’s not so scary. As a girl racer I feel I need to walk with confidence there, even if I have no idea WTF I am doing.

I went racing a couple weekends ago. My first time since I had work done on my new car.  My Husband was there to support me and to race his car.  This shit is getting serious!

My best race ever is accompanied by the best response ever.¬† Take a look and listen for yourself.¬† That’s me in the Mustang racing against a stock GT-R.

Did you catch that?  I won.

Did you hear the response? “Oh, no way!” and “YEAH!”

That “YEAH” came from my best friend and biggest fan.

Check out the stats:


See you on the race track!!

Go Team MMR RACING!! Woot!


Thankful Thursday: Good News

Waking up to a message, “Are you awake yet?” that was sent 30 minutes before your alarm went off raises those little hairs on the back of your neck.

Several questions rush through your brain:

  • Is everything OK?
  • Who died?
  • Why wouldn’t they call me if someone died?
  • OK, they would have called so no one died, but what is actually wrong?
  • What time did they send this?
  • Why didn’t I hear my phone?
  • Why aren’t they responding to my, “I’m awake now,” response?

It’s silly what goes through your head so quickly, first thing in the morning. I am usually a slow to wake kind of gal, but this morning, I was up an at ’em! Anxiously waiting the reply.

No need to worry. No one has departed. No one is maimed. No harm has come to your friend.

I got good news. The type of good news that makes you grin from ear to ear.  Good things are happening for a dear friend who has been working hard. And I mean HARD to get there they want to be.

Today I am thankful for my nameless friend, who knows who they are. I love you so very much! Congratulations dear one.  The hairs on my neck are still raised but for a different reason, all the right reasons.


Will you tell me what you’re thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday: Good Eye!

Well, it’s been forever since I posted, but I thought I could at least make time to share good news.

I saw an Ophthalmologist by the urging of my Neurologist last week. It took nearly 2 months to get in, but it was worth the wait. This guy is great.

Good news. No sign of any permanent damage. The vision disturbance that I had last year about this time is completely gone and no¬†residual evidence that I ever had a problem! ¬†My¬†eyes are both healthy and he doesn’t think there is anything to worry about. Wahoo!! I’ll see him again in¬†about 6 months for a check up,¬†and yearly after that as long as everything remains healthy! W00t!! ¬†I’m a pretty happy girl. I hope you are too!



Be well and enjoy life! ¬†Keep doing what you can do while you can do it!‚̧

Thankful Thursday: Good News

Thursday, I got good news.

The first good news in about 1 year.

I needed it. I needed it A LOT!  We all needed it. Family, Friends, my sanity, all of us needed good news.

I know I haven’t been around, and there’s been good reason. I have been busy, happily busy doing other things.ūüėČ

I know — vague post — I’ll write more when I’m not so tired and I can find the right words to with all the feelings I have.

Thankful Thursday: Lily Rivers

Books Books Books!  We love books!

Ok. I love books. ¬†I don’t read nearly enough because I get distracted by my hubby, our dog, the internet, TV, family,¬†the weather (I planted seeds yesterday!!)… it doesn’t matter what distracts me, it just does. ¬†I’m going to try to get back to all the books I have stacked up on my Kindle Paperwhite and my physical books too!!

Today, I am thankful for a dear friend who is also an author. I have read some, but not all of her books. Lily Rivers is heating up the reading world with her erotic novellas. These are  not for the tame or timid.

Can you handle Lily Rivers and all of her bad good girls?? 

List of Lily Rivers Books

“Beau Reve – Tara” happens to be Kindle Unlimited day!! At the time I started writing this post I had no idea. ¬†I looked at the long list of books and BOOM! ¬†Wahoo! ¬†What other way to get hooked on a new author?

Here is the teaser to get you hooked on the Beau Reve series coming soon:

When Tara was offered an all expense paid vacation, she didn’t know she would find herself on some kind of sexual fantasy island funded by billionaires who had more money than they knew what to do with. After speed dating the first night at Beau Reve, Tara met Ryan who was more than ready to show her a good time. Would she allow herself to fall apart in the handsome stranger’s arms?

Beau Reve Tara via Amazon.


What else has Lily written? Well….


Guess we’ll all have to read the series and find out! :O¬†

Good Girls Do – Part 1


Do you have any questions for the author? ¬†I’d be happy to relay them to her and I’ll post her responses. ¬†Post them up!


Thankful Thursday: MS Walk Supporters

A special thanks to all of my friends and family for donating your hard earned money to the National MS Society. ¬†The Albuquerque MS Walk is on April 9th. I will have some friends and family in town cheering me on and walking with me. I am SOOOO incredibly excited to have a live cheering section. ¬†I also know that I have my friends who can’t make it here, cheering me on from their homes or workplaces. ¬†One of my friends (she’s also recently released a new book), will be walking the same distance that day in honor of the walk. ¬†I am honored to have such amazing friends and family. ¬†

Date: Saturday – April 9, 2016
Location: Hoffmantown Church
Map: <Рwhere we start
Time: Site opens at 8:00 a.m.; walk begins at 9:00 a.m.

If you’d like to make a donation — The team¬†will gladly accept your $$$. =)


If you’d like to be a part of the walk locally, please sign up (free) and be a part of Team MMC Racing (same link above) and add yourself to the roster. ¬†I might have some couch space left you can crash on.

You can also be a virtual walker (free) on Team MMC Racing and help raise funds if you can’t make it locally. ¬†We have 44 days left to raise $1000 (team goal). We already have $740, we’re SOOOO CLOSE!

If you’re planning on being local and I don’t know it yet, please let me know. ¬†We’re trying to decide if we’re getting Team¬†MMC Racing¬†Shirts or not.

Thank you, everyone.


In case you’re interested In the book I mentioned. It is for 18+ and contains explicit content:¬†Lily Rivers’ New Book

Thankful Thursday: My Support System

I am thankful for the sincere, “How are you?” questions that come from friends and family; my support system.

I was recently reading a thread on a Facebook page relating to MS and the medicine I take. ¬†I was struck by this post: “I used to tell my husband when I had “ms stuff” happening. Now when I’m asked how I feel, I usually just say fine. Feel like I’m always complaining otherwise. Anybody else?”

I replied, nearly instantly, “I tell him if he asks. He’s my partner. He’s my teammate. We’re in this together.” ¬†

I am not shy to talk about health related item¬†that bother me though. ¬†I am very aware of my body and changes in it, so I talk about it with my husband. I always have.¬†I don’t work out every day and eat healthy all of the time, so I’m not a health nut. But, when I notice changes that don’t make sense or something hurts, I talk about it with my¬†hubby. ¬†How else will he know what’s wrong or if something is bothering me if I don’t tell him?

Now that MS is in the mix, I don’t shy away from telling him something is wrong or good. ¬†When my feet stopped tingling, I told him. ¬†When my shot hurts, I tell him. ¬†When I feel like I can tackle the world, I tell him. ¬†When I am so tired that I just need to go back to bed, even though I just woke up, I tell him.

I am baffled why¬†folks don’t tell their family or friends the truth when asked, “How are you?” ¬†Several of the responses from that FB thread say: “I just say I’m fine.” or “I’m good.” These folks also admitted they don’t tell the truth to people because they feel like they’re complaining or that their partner doesn’t believe them. ¬†

This makes me sad. Very very sad. ¬†I can’t imagine not being honest with my husband. ¬†I can’t imagine him not caring about how I feel. I can’t imagine him not believing how I feel.

I know I am loved by him and by my other family members. I can feel it, they tell me, and they ask — “How are you feeling?” ¬†They all mean it — sincerely and honestly — they all want to know how I am feeling and how they can help me feel better.

I hope the same for everyone else out there. Having a support system is so important. ¬†Don’t hide how you feel — physically or emotionally — please. ¬†New symptoms may mean your meds aren’t working. ¬†Changes in emotions — if you’re feeling depressed or anxious — may mean you need some medicinal support. Both are completely normal for those of us with MS. ¬†

Thank you, sincerely and forever, to my support system.  I am very thankful for you all.

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