Note to MSers

Note to all the newer MS medication takers and new MSers. From: an MSer that has been where you are.

You. Are. Not. Alone! You’ll never be alone.

You’re probably freaking the eff out right now. I’ve been there. All of us have. You’ll be ok. Your new normal will settle in, but it will be different and you’ll hate it, for a while. You’ll be frustrated, be scared, cry (possibly a lot), scream, be angry, and feel every emotion available to the human species. You know what? That’s normal.

Remember to take life one day at a time. Start taking steps to be a healthier you. I mean literally – steps! πŸ™‚ Get exercise. Eat in a way to help your body work at its best. Take your meds. Get a massage (if you can, damn COVID-19 has me unable to visit my certified massage therapist!!). Do an activity you love. Cry with your best friend. Share your feelings with your care partner. Seek out mental health professionals if you need to.

Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Start a self care routine.

πŸ’œ You. Are. Not. Alone! You’ll never be alone!! πŸ’œ

With all of my heart.

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