Tell it like it is Tuesday: Anything but the Involuntary Housewife

Do we all remember how this blog got started?  I was suddenly unemployed and feeling like total crap about myself.  I became the Involuntary Housewife 4 years ago.  Suddenly, I was supposed to be keeping a house, looking for a job, minding the dog(s), grocery shopping, and cooking. BLECH!  I’ve been through a lot of changes since then. 210+ Blog Posts later I am working full time (or more) and feeling dead after work each week. Sooooo NOT the Housewife anyone was probably expecting.

I am working full time, which I think it GREAT under the circumstances, but some days are simply difficult. Other days are simply amazing. A lot of time I start slow, painful even, then somehow find energy to get me through the day.  I should stretch every morning or I just ache.  It is a nice way to slowly the start the morning, I will admit. My favorite part is sitting on the floor with Miss Annie between my legs as I try to get them to straighten out.  She’s still so much the Snugglebutt when I am on the floor.  Choosing to get off the floor to get ready for work is the hardest part of the morning. Who wants to leave the Snugglebutt!??


At work, I have important and hard projects to manage, but my boss trusts me to do my job and to do it well.  He has confidence in my work and I have proven to him I have what it takes to handle the chaos.  I think my favorite part is that the VP also trusts me to get the job done.  They both always make time for me when I need project guidance. I was just in the VP’s office for an hour getting him up to speed on several projects and in return getting several actions assigned to myself. HA! It always happens that way. Thankfully, I deflected some of them on others, I just have to herd the cats to get the information back to him.

Having their confidence and trust makes me incredibly happy.  I have had several jobs in the last 20 years. A couple I hated. I couple I liked.  This one, while busy, intense, demanding, and time-consuming, is the epitome of work happiness for me.  I know what you’re thinking. She’s CRAZY! The MS has gotten to her brain and she’s completely lost it!  No, no it hasn’t. This is my normal “crazy self” talking here. Ask my friends – they’ll tell you.

Working as a part of the PM team is rewarding too. I have a lot of experience and it truly helped to mold the new PM we hired. Helping her also helped me to hone my skills and be mindful of what I teach her.  The male PMs don’t work with her nearly as much as I did when she was new, but I hope she has been able to glean the best parts of all of us to become a great PM.


More recently, I have gotten involved with the PMI Chapter near home. I am going to be speaking at the November dinner meeting in front of about 50 people. This will be the first time I have done any public speaking since we left San Diego. It’s a bit scary, but I’m also very excited to see how the group responds to my “Using Practical Project Management on an Impractical Project” presentation.  No one in the group drag races, that I am aware of. They’re going to get a healthy dose of how I prepare for racing using the project management skills I learned from PMI and from everyday life! #nervous

I’m also going to volunteer at an all-day training session the local PMI Chapter is putting together. Which I think will be rewarding. I might be on my feet all day, which is NOT rewarding, but I’ll be able to attend some of the sessions and learn from professionals in the field.  Preparation for this all-day session also means 1 hour a week for volunteer meetings after work. Ahhh!!!!

In addition, I am helping a fellow PMI member to study for his PMP Exam. He’s nervous, and he should be, it’s a bitch of a 200 question test, but with studying, utilizing practice tests, and using the processes in real life (if at all possible) he’ll do just fine.

What do I do that is “housewifey” after all that time and energy is spent working? I admit I am not the grocery shopper, not the dinner maker, and hardly the house cleaner.  I do make sure we have clean clothes, the dishes are washed (mostly load the dishwasher), and clean crumbs off the counter tops. Not a lot is it?  Well, thankfully, I have the best partner in the entire world that does his half around the house. We don’t have the stereo-typical gender roles in this house. Which let’s face it – when have I been one to conform to social norms?

Another non-housewifey thing kinda: I have taken up knitting.  That’s part of my keeping sane and using my brain in ways that should keep it healthy routine. That takes up time that could be spent cleaning, but way more fun! I recently made two beanies for a local cancer institute to gift to women needing their services. A group of friends at work all dedicated to making at least two beanies for them. It will be getting cold soon and those ladies with thinning hair, or potentially bald, will need something to help keep warm this winter. I am working on my third now. If I could sit down and do that on a weekend, I could crank it out.  I’m also working on a super secret project that will be done in November. That’s all you get to hear about that one until it’s done.



I’m off now (since I am writing this on a Saturday) to do some housewifery. Feed the dog, start a load of laundry, wash the dishes, make the grocery list, go to the vet, and maybe get some knitting done.

Happy working. Happy Housewifing. Happy Crafting. Happy non-social norming.

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