Thankful Thursday: Even the Crappy Things

Today’s Thankful Thursday post is about being thankful for even the crappy things. 

I’ve been going through a little rough patch this week, but if I wasn’t alive I wouldn’t be able to go through the rough patch, and I like being alive. A lot. So, let’s get on with it and go through the rough patches.

When your body hurts, your best friend goes on travel (out of state then out of country), and work is a bit overwhelming, you kind of wonder what’s there to be thankful for.  Well, I am thankful I can still use my body, that I have been married for nearly 20 years, and thankful I can work at a job I love.

I have been trying to use my body a bit more, as my posts have mentioned. I have done a couple Low Impact HIIT Sessions at home. I find those days I have an enormous amount of energy throughout the day! That’s pretty insane and awesome. Not sure if it’s a lasting thing or a temp thing, but I’ll take it, either way.  

While the best friend, a.k.a. husband, has been gone for a while, I have been making sure to keep myself busy with work, friends, and Netflix. I’m more than ready for him to come home though!  I had plans (that I actually kept) last week for the first week he was gone and I have plans for a couple nights this week. I am doing a lot in the self-care area as well. Making sure that I get to bed on time, enjoy friends’ company, and still get a bit of work done after hours so that I don’t feel overwhelmed during the daytime.

Work, like I said, I love the job, but some days are insanely busy and there is entirely too much too do.  I guess we should call that job security?  Yeah. That’s for sure. I think I have only 7 official projects, but the reality of the scope of work is more like 20 projects. There is so much to keep track of, that I am wishing I had an assistant right now.  Who wants to be my assistant for free?

After thinking about it… this isn’t really a thankful for crappy stuff post.  I am still happy and thankful even when my favorite guy is out of country.  Let’s see you turn that frown upside down and be thankful for all the good and yucky things in life for there is a silver lining around them all.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Even the Crappy Things

  1. You are my FRIENDSHIP SILVER LINING and I love you…………………………………………………

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