Thankful Thursday: Oh Snap!!

Is it Thursday again?!  Where did the week go?!? I’m thankful to be here for another Thursday and for it being the beginning of the new year! I’m thankful there are ribs on the smoker and we’re having family over to bring in the new year with delicious food. I am thankful for a few […]

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Write 30,000 words in January

This is where I intend to keep the progress of my writing for the month of January as a reminder I made the resolution to write this year. Date Actual Word Count Planned Words Per Day Notes about today’s word count 1/1  261  968 1/2  1140  1936 1/3  1630  2904 1/4  1630  3872 1/5  2263 […]

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2014 Writing Resolutions

Thanks to The Books of Jobe Blog for his post on My Writing Resolutions for 2014, I now have some of my own.  I have some personal, non-writing related resolutions that I may mention in the future, but right now we’re discussing My Writing Resolutions for 2014. =) 1. Write 30,000 words a month while my […]

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