Thankful Thursday: Even the Crappy Things

Today’s Thankful Thursday post is about being thankful for even the crappy things.  I’ve been going through a little rough patch this week, but if I wasn’t alive I wouldn’t be able to go through the rough patch, and I like being alive. A lot. So, let’s get on with it and go through the […]

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Thankful Thursday: Coming Home

I am thankful specifically for this Thursday because my husband comes home from a business trip. I am more than ready for him to be home in my arms.   There was nothing exceptional about this week for me. I worked like normal.  Snuggled the dog a little more than normal. The one thing that […]

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Thankful Thursday: Family

Even though I am not a religious girl, I feel truly blessed with my family, chosen – born – married. My friends, many of which you read about in my besties post, are amazing. Always asking about my hobbies, my family, the dog, and my health. We’re all busy living our lives and taking care […]

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Thankful Thursday: Besties

I recently had the most amazing week a girl could have. We took a week-long trip back home to San Diego. I was booked from the time we landed to the time that we got on the plane to go back to NM. The hubby had to work, but I got to play. Monday, I […]

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