Tell it like it is Tuesday: Anything but the Involuntary Housewife

Do we all remember how this blog got started?  I was suddenly unemployed and feeling like total crap about myself.  I became the Involuntary Housewife 4 years ago.  Suddenly, I was supposed to be keeping a house, looking for a job, minding the dog(s), grocery shopping, and cooking. BLECH!  I’ve been through a lot of […]

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Thankful Thursday: Opportunities

I heard a speech this year (let’s call it a pre-TedTalk) about Luck. The more I listened, the more I knew wasn’t lucky — I had simply been placing myself in the right places at the right times.   I was inspired by this talk given at the RealOrators Toastmasters Club by Darlene Fenn of COHR Consulting. If […]

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Thankful Thursday: Relief

How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S? Well, sure, sometimes, but it’s really T-U-M-S for me if you want to get technical. Big things have happened in the past few months and they are a relief! Job that was wanted for so long — GOT IT! Feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing at […]

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Thankful Thursday: Touching Memories

Adapted from a speech I recently gave in Toastmasters.  Speech 8 from the Competent Communicator Manual focuses on Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids.  The Objectives of this speech are: to select visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience. ~~~~ Scrapbooking brings me peace and joy. A sense of calm comes over […]

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Freaking out!!

Yeah, that’s me. I am freaking out!!! I am competing in a speech contest Monday night and I am hardly prepared. Sure, I gave the speech a few weeks ago, but life has changed drastically (see previous post) and I am ill prepared. I practiced twice tonight and will more tomorrow. Will it be enough […]

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