Motivational Monday: New Workout Routine

To follow along with my getting more fit plan, I need a new workout routine, which really means I need a workout routine. Period.

What my routine is going to consist of, I have no real idea.  I have grand dreams of being able to do sweaty activity every day, go to work, and feel like I have a ton of energy.  Let’s get real. There will be days I won’t want to move. There will be days (like today) that I feel great.  I’m aiming for a bunch of days in the middle, where I feel OK, and when I get a work out in I will feel better.


Routine Part 1: Handless Stand Ups

I was prescribed doing some exercises from my primary care doctor to help build core strength.  I have that exercise in my reminder app (I’ll do a post about MediSafe at some point) to do every day. It is only 25 reps of standing up and sitting down without the use of my hands.  It isn’t a hard set, but my knees are sometimes tired at the end of it.  I think this is something I can improve upon as my knees get used to this exercise. I can turn it into squats or ask her for what she thinks the next advanced step is.

There are also a ton of other options for strengthening my core, like crunches and planks.  While I am not great at planks right now, I know I can do crunches!


Routine Part 2 :Yoga

The doctors (both my general practitioner and my MS Specialist) said I should really take up Yoga for core strength and balance.  I do not currently have a problem with balance, but as many MSers do, it’s not bad advice to get started on balance bettering.  I looked into a local yoga studio, which is VERY close to work, but the room is VERY warm as they have no AC in the yoga room.  I visited and was hot just standing around.  I’m not sure that an ice vest with pockets of ice packs is something that would work during a downward dog, so I’m not sure that studio will be the right place for me. I’m still going to try a class one day and see what happens.

Right now, I’m thinking my Wii Fit is my best bet for yoga at this point in time.  I pulled it out of storage, dusted it off, and set it near the TV it will be attached to. By the end of the day, the goal is to have it up and running for use next week!


Routine Part 3: Fitstar App by Fitbit

I recently found that Fitbit has an app called Fitstar. I am not sure how I found it, but I’m sure it was through the Fitbit app on my Android phone.   I clicked on it because I make sue to carry my Fitbit One nearly everywhere I go (current goal of 6k steps a day), and if Fitbit can do something else to help me get moving, I’ll take it!  It has routines available for free and there are premium options. I’ll get more into this app in a future post.


Routine Part 4: Treadmill

I have a great NordicTrack treadmill. I am using it again, but nowhere near its full potential. At some point, I’ll get it back to using the incline and going more than 2mph.  Right now, my body it getting moving again after a period of downtime because I wasn’t feeling well. The heat has really taken a toll on me this summer and sapped a lot of my energy.  So, the goal right now is 3 days a week for 30 minutes minimum at 2mph minimum.  I will gradually increase speed and then vary the incline and decline as I feel stronger (or get bored and need to be pushed).  I will probably set a reminder in my phone to tell me to up the speed or incline every few weeks.


Routine Part 5: Stretching

I find that if I stretch in the morning before I do much more than have breakfast, my body feels better throughout the day. I also try to stretch after work in the evenings to let go of the tension of the day.  This is important for just about everyone, but vital for folks with MS to keep muscles loose and hopefully avoid spasticity issues.


I need to get more fit, to be more active, for a whole host of reasons. That I am kind of looking forward to tougher workouts is strange, but good.


For now, I think the routine will be (in some order):

  1. Daily stretching.
  2. 25 handless stand ups every day.
  3. 30 minutes minimum on the treadmill, 3xs a week, at 2mph or faster as my body gets used to moving like that again.  6K steps a day, more as I get back in the swing of things; goal for 12K daily though this year.
  4. Wii Fit Yoga 2 times a week, minimum.
  5. Fitstar workout 2 times a week, minimum.
  6. Future adds: Strength training


I’m writing this on my 2 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I’m in a better place mentally about it and working on getting my body more fit.  Thankfully, it hasn’t progressed physically too much, or anywhere near a point that I can’t work out. I just need to get moving now and tell MS to shove off.

Keep me posted on what you’re doing these days to keep yourself fit. I need all the motivation I can get. Hopefully I’m giving you some as well. =)

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