Motivational Monday: Remember Your Meds

MediSafe App is a game changer for me.

I am not one to do product reviews. No one pays me for my opinion (which is too bad because I have a lot of them). This post is solely based on my personal experience with this app and all the meds I take.


  1. Why doesn’t a calendar event work?
  2. Why do I need an app to remind me to take meds?
  3. What do I use the app for, really?
  4. FAQ



  1. I have taken meds at night for about 20 years — allergy, asthma, birth control — the usual.  A few pills every night, no big deal. I used to use a calendar event to remind me to take them at bedtime.
    Problem: No snooze.  Depending on the calendar app or phone operating system I was using, there was no snooze feature to remind me in an hour, when I got home, to take my meds.

    We all get delayed on a schedule, so sometimes you need an app or device that will remind you that you forgot.  I got to the point that calendar options weren’t working for me.  I can access my calendar in three different ways — smart phone, webmail, client on my home PC. I don’t log in to my home PC every day, so when I would pull up the client, I would get 15 reminders that I needed to take my meds.  One for each calendar event of meds or appointment that I already had taken or went to. ANNOYING!  Is this a big deal to be reminded of the past? No, not at all.  What I didn’t like was that it slowed me down from getting down to work when I sat down to my PC.  Webmail I have access to nearly all day so it would remind me at the same time as my phone would. I didn’t feel the need for two reminders at the same time, in the same place. So that was redundant and not exactly helpful.

    This app allows a 5 minute up through 120 minute snooze. I LOVE IT!

  2. A bit over a year ago, is when I decided I needed help with reminders.  I had previously been on an injectable and that had an app that would remind me where to take the injection and that it was injection day.  When that medication failed me, I switched to a tablet Rx.  That tablet didn’t come with an app.

    It’s daily, so just take it!  Well, I didn’t want to take it at bedtime with the other 4 pills I took and usually remembered to take.  I didn’t want to add another pill into the mix on an empty stomach.  So, dinner time was the new pill time.

    How would I remember to take it?  I put a pill case on the dining room table at my spot. Visual reminder — right?!  Right — until you eat dinner out, hang out for a couple hours, and then come home and go straight to bed. Then what? You don’t even go to the dining room to see the case for the reminder.  Insert the decision for needing an app to remind me.  I searched some of the MS pages I am on, looking for what people liked or hated as apps.  I have no idea how I stumbled upon MediSafe app for my android phone.  What I do know, is that I am glad I did!

  3. I use this app for all my Rx pills.  I also use it for my vitamins which help me to feel better.  I even use it for non-medication related items.  It has basically become my reminder for all things I ingest or need to do to remain feeling good.  It reminds me to turn on the humidifier before bedtime. It reminds me that I need to stretch. Heck, I recently told it to remind me to get my butt on the treadmill!
    • I have a purple (favorite color) heart (favorite shape) to remind me to stretch twice a day.
    • Orange drop (looks like an upside down comma) to remind me to do cardio. Orange because it is the MS Color. Drop because it looks like sweat.
    • Blue Drop (like rain) to remind me to put on the humidifier.
    • A pile of white powder to remind me to take my cocaine. Nooo.. It’s nothing like that. It is for my occasional need to take a powdered Rx med for my migraines.
    • Black Gummy Bear to remind me to get in the massage chair. Ok, I have NO IDEA what that blob is, but it looks like a gummy near to some, but it looks like my chair to me!
    • Pink Heart to remind me to do some exercises for my core and my heart that my GP just prescribed.
    • Blue “Tube of toothpaste” to remind me to rub on doTERRA Deep Blue on my knees for my arthritis.
    • White eye dropper bottle to remind me to take my Rx allergy eye drops.

      From MediSafe App Site
  4. FAQ
    These are your medications – Why oh why do you need to be reminded to take them?
    Because it’s NOT THAT EASY!  Life gets in the way, you fall off a schedule, and forget.

    But you always go to sleep, how hard is it to remember to take a pill at bedtime?
    Sometimes you fall asleep on the couch, semi-wake up, do the zombie walk to the potty, and go back to bed. Don’t we all do that?  Now add not being a great sleeper to the mix. Once you’re asleep, you want nothing else but to remain asleep!  Remembering you forgot meds as you’re nearly back to sleep from the zombie walk will bolt you right out of bed.  Great — now you took those meds. You didn’t forget.  Guess what?  Now you’re wide awake and the rest of the house is asleep.  #BeginCountingSheepHere

    What I love about it. Time quadrants for my pills. Morning, lunch time, dinner time, bedtime.  Different icons for each med available, complete with shape and color options.  Snoozable reminders for short or long periods of time. The ability to take notes when each med if you want. The ability to ADD an “as needed” dose to the day so you can keep track if you have needed that as needed medicine daily — to track a pattern and see if you need to talk to the doc about something.  The ability to review history and notes with yourself or your doctor.  The ability to see how good or bad you have been on taking your meds (you can get reports out of it).  The voice reminder options. I use the Morgan Freeman voice because seriously — who wants to knowingly disappoint Mr. Freeman?  I love that it is free, but at this point, I think I would pay for this app based on how useful it has become in my life.

    What I don’t always like about it: Sometimes it gets caught up in the Matrix and it has Deja vu.  I will have a second dose show up for no apparent reason. Thankfully the dose I already took shows that I took it so I don’t double down.

    Tech Support: I have reached out to technical support twice for this 100% free app and they have been quick to reply and provide useful help and guidance for the app.

There it is, my opinion and use of this app.  If you needed a poke in the eye, here it is. Take your meds on time, as Rxd, and get to feeling better.

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