Tell it Like it is Tuesday: Allergies are Awful

You know allergy season is horrendous when your husband of nearly 20 years has allergies for the first time in his life.

No kidding. I think I married the healthiest guy on the planet. He can still see without glasses. Doesn’t have any crowns in his mouth (I have half a dozen or more). He’s never had a problem with allergies. Sure, something would tickle his nose or throat for a day or so at the highest pollen counts AND he was doing yard work, but that’s just a given. You’re going to have a reaction on a day like that.


This year. Holy Cow.  My allergies are through the roof, and normally they are mildly irritating AFTER all of the medication I take to prevent issues.   I take an Rx allergy pill, the strongest that I can be prescribed according to my allergist. Rx eye drops, but they’re not working so great  so now I’m wondering if I need to go to ones with steroids in them. Rx nose spray which I am NOT a fan of. He wants me to go on something else because it is stronger, but it tastes HORRIBLE. If I can taste it what is it like when I get kissed by my husband? Poor guy, it has to be GROSS!  On top of the Rx items, I do supplement with doTERRA essential oils.  Tri-Ease for when my nose won’t stop running and I’m at work. I hate the constant blowing and sniffing that comes with allergies. People think I’m sick. It’s just not a stigma I enjoy. So, I pop a tri-ease to help ease the remaining symptoms of my allergies. On top of that I will roll some diluted Breathe  on my chest and / or sides of my nose to help me open my airways.  The combination of everything usually leave me feel acceptable.  But what a damn regiment to keep up! I dislike it, but if it keeps my functioning, then so be it.


I think my body needs a couple seasons to get used to the new allergens around me and then my meds tend to kick in and over power those damn “plant sperm.” We lived in San Diego for 7 years, and I remember having a flare up of allergies when we moved in, but then we got everything under control.   It’s only our second summer in Albuquerque, and I was hoping my allergies would be better this year. Nope! Mine are worse this year than last. His are full blown this year.

Husband has it worse than I do, I think, since his body isn’t used to it. I have him on some over the counter meds, but I’m just not sure they’re working well enough.  What’s great for him is that he’s been traveling quite a bit, so about twelve hours after leaving home, he feels better. Within 24 hours (or less) or coming back, his allergies are in full swing again.  What’s awful is coming back, even though his wife and dog are here to greet him!


I hear there are some homeopathic options at Sprouts to try.  I don’t know why, but I haven’t gone in and looked at anything.  Well, I’m stubborn, that’s why. Also, I hate going to the store.  I also don’t trust a lot of homeopathic options unless I make them myself and I KNOW they have worked for other people.   So far, I haven’t heard of someone that has allergies like mine that they have worked for.  Maybe they’d work for him. Homeopathy is witchcraft in our house those, so maybe not even an option.

I have taken local honey, straight, to help with allergies here as well. I made it about 3 consecutive days. I don’t think I like straight honey one bit. I’d have to mask it with something to get myself to take it daily and then I’m not sure you get the goodness out of it.

I’m ready for winter, for so many reasons.  Problem is, we don’t really get a good enough freeze here to kill the things that annoy my body. The other part is we get warm snaps in winter / early spring so that trees and bushes start blooming.  Mother Nature plays cruel tricks on the plant life here, and the humans.

I’m ready to breathe naturally through my nose again. I’m ready for my eyes to stop leaking goop.  I’m ready for my ears to stop itching internally.  Game of Thrones has it right. Winter is Here, even if only in my dreams.


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