Motivational Monday: Positive Thinking

I was told the other day, “You’re always so positive.” I smiled and said, “Yep. It is one of my 5 Strengths.” I proceeded to write my 5 Strengths down (in no particular order) on the white board of my colleague.

  1. Positivity
  2. Communicator
  3. Relator
  4. Empathy
  5. WOO

The website is here: StrengthsFinder2.0.  If you know me, you will see all of these strengths in me.  Are they the best for being a Project Manager? Maybe / Maybe not.  Overall though, I like who I am and I know how to use my strengths to help me be successful in business.

I have been thinking about the positive side of me on and off since he and I discussed it.  Is it really that noticeable by others (even people I don’t work directly with)?  What the heck do I do that makes me come off so positive?

I remember talking to a female friend last year and she was giving me all the downsides to an event at work. And I came up with just as many good things on the flip side. “At least they’re telling you how they feel about it,” even if the person was flying off the handle in rage.  “Now you know you should try a different approach with him.” Somehow I just see the silver lining in most things.  Sometimes it take a moment or five for me to see the silver lining in my life, but I can usually find the positive spin for others quickly.

As part of this blog post I started looking for articles on line that backed me up or said what I wanted to say, but wasn’t sure how to write it. I went to Google and typed in “Positive Thinking” and this was the result.

PositiveThinking I LOVE this definition. LOVE IT!  As I read it, I thought… yeah… I do that a lot.

Of course, I clicked the link.

With a positive attitude we experience pleasant and happy feelings. This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, and happiness. Our whole being broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even our health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful, and our body language shows the way we feel.

This struck a cord with me as I recently got some amazing health related news.  My MS hasn’t progressed (progress is bad in my case), the quantity of brain lesions is less (less is more), and I have more white matter in my brain (more is better – connections are reconnecting / growing back).  My physical abilities aren’t diminished and my brain still seems to be working just fine.  w00T! We’re doing something right!

Do I think it is all positive thinking? No.  I’m on MS meds, doTERRA supplements, I started knitting in hopes it helps my brain function, I stretch to keep my body moving, and I am getting on the treadmill more (when my body allows) to keep the fat down and the muscle up, I work full time to keep my brain active and my social needs met. On top of all that, I am generally in a good mood and wondering what we can accomplish next!

For some reason, being positive and “hoping for the best” comes naturally for me. Maybe it’s because I needed to do that as a kid, so I just figured it out on my own. Maybe someone helped me when I was little and I don’t remember.  Maybe it’s just innate.  What I did like about this article is that it gives some direction on how to work at being more positive.  If you are looking for a change, maybe the steps included will help you.



Happy Monday! Have a great day. I plan on it as it is “Lunchtime Loopers” at work. A group of us get together and knit or crochet over the lunch hour at work, talk, chew, giggle and generally let go of the Monday work stress and enjoy each other.

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