Thankful Tuesday: MRI Results

Today I get the results of my annual MRI,  The goal is to have an “unremarkable” MRI.  The MRI is used to see if there are new lesions in my brain due to my Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  I have the paper report in hand and today we see the doctor to get the full report and change the medical jargon into American English.

The paper says no new lesions. We love that.  Some of the old lesions are smaller. We love that too.

The report does say something about white matter. We have know idea what that is.

**It is now Wednesday. Needed a little time to myself… To celebrate**

White matter is good. It means myelin regrew. Holy smokes, the good news just kept rolling in. 2 lesions disappeared. 1 lesion is drastically smaller. 

Wahoo!!! Thankful Tuesday is now thankful week (at a minimum)!! Amazing news today!! 

Hope you have similar great news in your life
A few people have asked…My regiment is:

14mg Aubagio

2000 UI vitamin D



doTERRA deep blue

doTERRA zendocrine

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