Thankful Thursday: Family

Even though I am not a religious girl, I feel truly blessed with my family, chosen – born – married.

My friends, many of which you read about in my besties post, are amazing. Always asking about my hobbies, my family, the dog, and my health. We’re all busy living our lives and taking care of obligations, but each of them asks about the things most important to me. These are the types of friends where we can be apart for long periods of time, but when we’re back together, it’s like no time has passed.

My born family, that I now live near them, are pretty awesome as well.  It’s hard to believe two kids are in high school, one of those is nearly out, and the third is in the air force living his life on his own. Just wow. It has only been a year that we’ve been here, but it has been a year where I’ve gotten to see football games and marching band competitions; to see each of them grow in things they enjoy and then talk about those experiences, are great times and memories to hang on to forever. My brother is always here (and always has been) if I, or we, need him. The extra pair of hands, that I can’t always give but we sometimes need, are only 3 miles away. He’s also great to talk to personally, because we have different problems, but our symptoms are sometimes similar and we bounce ideas off each other on how to help feel better. He doesn’t need to ask, “how am I doing?” because we see each other often enough for him to notice. There is a great relief when you know someone cares but don’t need to talk about it; it’s just known.

My husband, as everyone knows by now, is my biggest supporter in all things.  He’s the glue that keeps my shit together.  He is always looking out for our best interests and still finding ways to be a bit wild and buy that next performance part for our cars. You, and he, knows that doesn’t even touch the vast amount of support he provides me… 

My mother in law has loved me like the daughter she always wanted from about the time I was introduced to the family. Throughout our 19 years together, she’s always checked in on me, let me help her when I could, and helped me when I needed her. A pretty great addition to my heart.

My sister in law – is really the sister I was born to have in my life, it just took a little while to get her to me. She’s a great person, through and through. Smart, funny, beautiful, loving, caring, honest, real. Everything you need in a sister. 

I mentioned I’m a blessed girl, right? Now you know why I feel this way.

Thank you to my family of all kinds. I love you! 

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