Giving Tuesday

Today is dubbed #GivingTuesday. Today, I need your support to be a part of the solution I so desperately need: Curing Multiple Sclerosis. I have mentioned MS before. You may remember my post from last February or this one.

In April, I will participate in Albuquerque’s Walk MS 2017, but there is no need to wait until April to make your tax deductible donation. *hint hint*  You can find my MMC Racing Team Page here.  If you would like to join my team and help raise money — PLEASE DO!  If you’d like to simply donate, PLEASE DO!  

Last year was my first year participating in he event. This year I hope to have a stronger, larger, and louder team. Will you commit to being a part of the solution?  I hope you will. Please feel free to post up questions and I will answer them the best I can from my perspective and experience. My answers pertain to me and maybe no one else with MS. People with MS present differently, at different times, with different symptoms, with different responses to stimuli, etc. I’ll see if I can get a few friends to answer your questions as well so you can get a larger view than my own on this disease.

Don’t know what MS is? This may help: 

What causes MS? No one really know. 

What kind of MS does the Involuntary Housewife have?  RRMS – Relapsing Remitting MS.


Please know I thank you all and appreciate you all for being here, with or without a donation. I always will.

❤ The Involuntary Housewife, a.k.a. girl1dir

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