Thankful Thursday: Being Truly Thankful

I have been doing Thankful Thursday for a long time now. I may not be consistent, but I am genuinely thankful for all the small things and all the big things, as I hope you can see from my previous posts. This Thankful Thursday happens to land on Thanksgiving. So this one’s going to be especially thankful.

This year’s been very busy and full of new experiences.

January was cold and it took some getting used to. I was applying for jobs looking for the right place to work.  We also had several contractors over to the house making it fit our needs just right.  January we also started to get our niece after school several days a week and it was great to have that bonding time together over snacks and homework.  I’m not so Thankful for getting MRI results that showed change since June 2015, but I can say I am thankful for a specialist I can talk to where I feel like I am heard.  We agreed to change meds.

February rolls in and it started with my SIL and me going to see Caesar Milan!  Yep. I saw the dog whisperer with the other female dog mom in the family. We had a great time.  I continued applying for jobs and landed this great interview as an Associate Project Manager. This is the month I started going to PMI RGC Chapter meetings too! We even settled on some new furniture for the new house. I also made fast friends with the mom of the locksmith we hired to do some work.

March is supposed to in like a lion and out like a lamb, right?  Funny, because my March started with a massage from a local gal who is also a new friend. I’d say it was in like a lamb. 😉  My brother had another Birthday! Wahoo!  This month was still full of meeting people and networking to see what kinds of jobs were out there. I also hired a new primary care doctor and would you believe her and her hubby are from Chicago?! How amazing is this? March was when a lot of things changed for me and changed some ways I looked at life. I was finally able to switch up medications which led to lots of unique side effects. Some of which I still deal with today. Thankfully, I found a way to negotiate my day with my medicine. I also accepted a job offer of which I couldn’t be happier about.

April is when I started the new PM job.  I hadn’t worked since we moved in mid-November. After that first week of new job excitement and peeing in a cup, it quieted down until I started on the 11th. It was strange and exciting at first.  Talk about big changes happening in April.  I was still battling changes in my meds and dealing with side effects.  It was awful really, I’m not going to sugar coat it because this is a thankful post.  I can say, with time and keeping an open channel with my doctor, we figured out how to handle side effects.  On a happier note, we also went to a high school band concert for our niece and a Football State Championship ceremony for nephew. =) GO STORM!

May was mostly quite. Slow and low that is the tempo. Right?  Game of Thrones Monday nights with the brother and SIL. And an MRI because I wasn’t feeling quite right. Thankfully, the MRI had good news to share with us. No progression. No active lesions. No optic neuritis. Wahoo!!

June we celebrated hubby’s birthday and our 18 year anniversary! How did that happen!??! Later in the month we met a new to us local who loves Nissans and has MS. He’s a great combo for a new friend. I think this may have been the month I decided I was going to invest in a Cooling Vest so I could have more stamina and play outside with everyone else. Best decision I could have made about personal summer equipment

July we took a trip to see some great friends that we hadn’t seen in about 5+ years. Car part installation and girl talk galore. It was an awesome time to be Thankful for. And, daaaaamn we her home made cookies amazing.

August was another mostly quiet month in our house, but there were a couple birthdays celebrated about 3 miles away. After all the busy times in the previous months it is nice to have a quiet month to recuperate.

September was a great trip home to Illinois. Then the football games started for my nephew and niece. Both on the field in ‘gear.’ Him in a helmet and safety gear. Her carrying color guard flags. Both successfully completing fancy footwork with their teams.

In October I finally felt like I new some women at work well enough to invite them over for a recurring Knitting Night at my house. We had our first night together and it was fun as well as educational. They worked on projects they had started and I completed a sewing machine project I started MONTHS ago. Yeah!  And guess what?  Those Knitting Nights… they’re on a Thursday! Even MORE things to be thankful for on Thursdays.  We also had a house guest this month. Another ol’ friend we hadn’t seen in about 3-ish years. I am thankful we could offer him a warm bed and some home cookin’ while he was away from his family on this trip.  I also organized dinner and Paint Nite with some of the women from work. We had a blast together.  It was so nice to see folks outside of work.  We’re going to start that back up in January. AND you also previously read in a different post that we’re drag racing again… and I did excellent! I have made a faster pass since then. Personal Best for girl1dir! *Cheshire cat grin*  Hubby got a personal best as well on the track! Got himself booted OFF the track! HAHAHAHA!! That is another story that needs to be told. There was also a fantastic Marching Band and Color Guard competition that the Amazing Niece was in. Wahoo!! Oh I nearly forgot (I did have to go look it up), I participated in a Mustang Car Show and won 3rd place for “Modified Mustang”!  WHAT?!?! Wahoo!!! It was damn hot, but it ended up being a great time with car lovers and making new friends. Just so many things happened this month including more high school football.

November is another busy month to be sure! Training for 2 days. San Diego for 6 days. Our new hire at work started the day I got back (guess that means I can’t claim new girl status anymore). 5 new projects put on my list of things to do at work. Thanksgiving is being hosted at our place.Football Championship games are going on. The next is on my birthday (stay tuned for an early birthday present post in a few weeks)! Wahoo!!

I love November.  It is a great time of year when the colors change and maybe we get snow (yuck). It is the time of year when most people remember what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving and from the past year.  I am thankful for it all. Thank you, my family, my friends and my blog followers, for making life amazing and loving me through everything. You make my world go round. Without you, I wouldn’t have nearly as many experiences to be thankful for! ❤

Happy Thanksgiving.

Please, post up and let us know what you’re thankful for.




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