Thankful Thursday: Besties

I recently had the most amazing week a girl could have. We took a week-long trip back home to San Diego. I was booked from the time we landed to the time that we got on the plane to go back to NM. The hubby had to work, but I got to play.

Monday, I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen, of course in a year, but even probably a year before that. She was going to school full time and working on a budding relationship. She was also pregnant with her second child. Busy busy busy!  We hung out at home with the nearly 1 year old daughter catching up. Trading stories and tips. It was a wonderful day to catch up.

Tuesday, I hung out with a lifelong friend all day because she took the day off work for me.  We got massages (by our dear friend at Spa33), ate lunch, played with her horse Wes, we ran errands, and we even picked out a bathroom countertop. Our evening was filled with more chatting, more amazing food, and the company of her boyfriend. I have held off discussing the number of tears which were shed until now. They started and stopped several times throughout the day. It was practically perfect in every way.

Wednesday, was another busy day with a trip to where I used to work. To be specific, I visited friends and a brand new baby!!  This trip turned into a several hour excursion where I ran into probably 25 people that I know. It was an amazing time. That afternoon, I hung out with another lifelong friend and her daughter walking along the beach. We followed up the walk with having the most excellent fancy dinner on the beach, with an amazing server, with an excellent view of the ocean. Awesome.

Thursday, you would have thought I would have continued the fun, but instead I actually started my day going to the dentist but it was for a regularly scheduled cleaning. Boring.  Thursday afternoon and evening, amazing friends hosted me at homw. One of which took the day off work again for me and we got to go clothes shopping, ate a few “small plates” for lunch, then grocery store shopping for dinner that night. We stopped at a local brewery, enjoyed a flight, and then home for dinner together where we just caught up and had a great time time.

Friday was another big day. Last full day in San Diego.  I met up with my best, old, curmudgeon of a friend. He met me at Balboa Park. Photography museum. Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. Lunch at El Prado. What a day full of walking, fresh air, and inappropriate jokes. Yep. Hilarious that guy. Dinner and more walking around was with a girlfriend from my previous job. Catching up and talking and talking and talking. Yep, that’s what girls do.. isn’t it?

I am so very thankful for all my friends. I appreciate your time and love. 💜

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Besties

  1. It really was just the best day ever!! I am happy to be on that friends list and happy to have you home, even for just a bit……………. Love you girlie!!!

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