Thankful Thursday: YEAH!

The sounds and smells of the drag strip are something else.  My first time at the track, many many moons ago was exciting and scary. Now, more than 10 years later (I think), there is still excitement and it’s not so scary. As a girl racer I feel I need to walk with confidence there, even if I have no idea WTF I am doing.

I went racing a couple weekends ago. My first time since I had work done on my new car.  My Husband was there to support me and to race his car.  This shit is getting serious!

My best race ever is accompanied by the best response ever.  Take a look and listen for yourself.  That’s me in the Mustang racing against a stock GT-R.

Did you catch that?  I won.

Did you hear the response? “Oh, no way!” and “YEAH!”

That “YEAH” came from my best friend and biggest fan.

Check out the stats:


See you on the race track!!

Go Team MMR RACING!! Woot!


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