Thankful Thursday: Lily Rivers

Books Books Books!  We love books!

Ok. I love books.  I don’t read nearly enough because I get distracted by my hubby, our dog, the internet, TV, family, the weather (I planted seeds yesterday!!)… it doesn’t matter what distracts me, it just does.  I’m going to try to get back to all the books I have stacked up on my Kindle Paperwhite and my physical books too!!

Today, I am thankful for a dear friend who is also an author. I have read some, but not all of her books. Lily Rivers is heating up the reading world with her erotic novellas. These are  not for the tame or timid.

Can you handle Lily Rivers and all of her bad good girls?? 

List of Lily Rivers Books

“Beau Reve – Tara” happens to be Kindle Unlimited day!! At the time I started writing this post I had no idea.  I looked at the long list of books and BOOM!  Wahoo!  What other way to get hooked on a new author?

Here is the teaser to get you hooked on the Beau Reve series coming soon:

When Tara was offered an all expense paid vacation, she didn’t know she would find herself on some kind of sexual fantasy island funded by billionaires who had more money than they knew what to do with. After speed dating the first night at Beau Reve, Tara met Ryan who was more than ready to show her a good time. Would she allow herself to fall apart in the handsome stranger’s arms?

Beau Reve Tara via Amazon.


What else has Lily written? Well….


Guess we’ll all have to read the series and find out! :O 

Good Girls Do – Part 1


Do you have any questions for the author?  I’d be happy to relay them to her and I’ll post her responses.  Post them up!


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