Thankful Thursday: The Radiology Staff from last night

Yes, it’s Friday, but this is my Thankful Thursday post.
I was too tired by the time everything settled down last night to write this up. So, here we go.

The night time MRI staff at the hospital I’m at this week, were AMAZING!! People are usually getting MRIs for yucky reasons, and I was in for a yucky reason. The MRI team were so accommodating, welcoming, funny — make that hilarious.  We’re not going to go into the nitty gritty details of this hilarity.. You’ll have to buy the book when it’s ready to find out what went down.

I was wheeled in by a thin young kid. I was greeted by Magic Mike! WHAT??! I can’t remember the exact words, but it was something like, “Welcome to the show. I’m Magic Mike.” I got out of the silly wheel chair as quickly as possible since I didn’t need the damn thing anyway. I looked around and there were three tall men with big smiles.

Magic Mike was built, around the belly, not what you would be expecting if you watched the movie. I chuckled and shook his hand. I met the other to gentlemen. They were more clearly muscular and younger. Magic told me he was recently a patient so he’s a little out of shape because of his knee replacement. He slipped off the stage during a show, too much baby oil, and wham — there went the knee. He had me rolling. I was so thankful for the funnies and belly laughs we had before the MRI started.

My radiology team really helped me get through a rough day. I got to see the pictures ad got educated on the results. Very glad they treated me so well.

Thank you to Magic Mike, Raging Bull, and Skate King.  I hope I entertained you for the hour plus I was down there as much you entertained me and made me feel normal for a little while.

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