Thankful Thursday: My Job

While my real life job is taking me away from the blog, I am still very thankful for it.  I am learning a ton. If you can’t tell, I am super busy. Heck, I even got our team new work last week! Eeeek!

One of our goals is to “spread the word” about what we do. While we don’t really have the bandwidth to handle more work, that is part of our goals, so I am bound to do it.  And do it I did.

We have a new charge number and we’ll be defining new requirements in a week or two for a process that needs automating! Wahoo! That’s very exciting for us. We’re delving into a bit of uncharted waters, but that’s what makes the job worth doing. Right?   Learning new things, meeting new people — Sounds like I’m getting paid to learn and talk to folks. Heck yeah!

Be well, followers. Be well. It may be a while between posts, but know that I think about this blog and you all, often.

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