Fitness: Got Abs?

Yeah, we all got ’em. But are the muscles weak and covered in a layer of fat? Mine are.  

The abs I really want — Look a lot like Gwen Stefani’s.

Will I ever have them? Probably not. I am not sure I even want to be that thin. I mean, I want to be thinner, but is that the way to go for me?

I have been a size 5 before, but I never had visible ab muscles.  I wanted to see them, but I am honestly not sure my body will ever lose that layer of “baby fat” as my family used to call it around my belly. If I don’t suck in my belly, I feel like I look pregnant. :/  Yes, the first part of great abs and being healthier is the food part.  I have to assume we’re all trying our best on the food part. =)

In case you want Gwen Abs — here’s an interview and a workout routine.  I’ll try what I can on this list, but I don’t and won’t have all the equipment required.  I’ll substitute as required.

Will you please share with us if you try this workout?

If you have great abs, how did you get them and keep them?

Goal Today:
Gwen’s Workout


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