Fitness: Active on a Sitting Day?

Friday this week is going to include several hours of sitting.  I can’t do anything about it, it is the schedule we have.

When you have a day like this, how do you fit in movement so you don’t get stiff or feel ultra lazy?

I’m thinking I will practice Kegels, sucking in my tummy, and tracing circles with my toes while I’m sitting.  That’s not exactly moving, I know, but it is working a few muscles while sedentary.  I am hoping to get a work out in before I begin sitting, but the day is starting pretty early, so we’ll see what happens!

You have some advice for me because I’m taking it?!?!  I will be getting some walking in Friday night, but I can’t determine how much for how long until I actually do it!

Goal Today: Add activity when I can!

2 thoughts on “Fitness: Active on a Sitting Day?

  1. This may not be applicable to your situation (or what your situation was, since I’m late with this comment), but my job is on the second floor, and I’ve taken to (most of the time) using part of my fifteen minute breaks to just do “laps” up and down the stairs. I’m so out of shape that it only takes a few to get my heart pumping and get me breathing heavy, but it got to the point that I literally couldn’t bear to go from sitting at a desk for a couple hours to taking a break and sitting in a different room for fifteen minutes. I’m hoping to keep building on it, we’ll see how it goes!

    1. Well, hello sir! I was in a vehicle. No stairs to lap, but I also have done as you suggested before, when I could. I choose stairs for 3rd floor or less, usually, when at work or back in the old days when I lived in a dorm! Maybe today I’ll be more active, or maybe not. I have not decided if my headache from last night is back or just teasing me.

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