Thankful Thursday: Open Minded Doctors

Whoda thunk it?!

Well, after a week of a headache, sometimes a migraine, sometimes not, I pulled myself into the doctor’s office. I had to see a PA, which was OK, but she wasn’t my normal doctor.  I was little iffy about the whole thing. I was new to her, she was new to me, I had never had a headache this long… it was enough to raise this girl’s blood pressure to new heights.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too high. =)

So, this PA and I, we talked. She asked great questions. She listened. She really listened. She looked at my chart and asked follow up questions. Wahoo. A doc that is paying attention!?!? Did I die and go to Patient Heaven?

I’ll be honest — I went in to get an Rx, good old Western Medicine. Specifically an Rx for something heavy duty.  I tried all the OTC options, previous Rx meds, and different single or blends or homemade blends of doTERRA essential oils. NOTHING WORKED! Sleeping, which thankfully I could do, didn’t shake it off. I did’t try massage therapy (don’t yell at me Peggy) or Chiropractic. I didn’t try those things because they meant getting in a car and I would be the one driving. Trust me — you didn’t want me on the road.  My headache had dissipated by the time I had my PA appointment. Annnnyway….

after I got the Rx I was looking for, I asked her if she recommended something non-Western medicine. 

“Yes! You’ll find that I am different than most…” She went on.  I knew she was the one for me. She recommended Peppermint essential oil, which I had tried, but I was willing to try again. She recommended adding Magnesium to my nightly routine, and I am doing that.  She even recommended a small cup of coffee (which I won’t be doing) because the body typically likes caffeine to prevent a headache!? WHAT?!  I haven’t ever had a medical professional recommend caffeine, but I like that she is an out of the box thinker!

Thanks, PA, for being cool, open to Eastern Medicine, and open to taking on a crazy patient like me! See you next month for my check up!

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