Fitness: Yea yea, I said I’d be back

Well, the headache for 7+ days really set me back. Then work has been non-stop. AND we hosting a surprise party for a dear friend over the weekend.  There was a lot of activity completed. I  don’t know if I would call any of is “exercise” though. All that meant I was too busy to post and equally too busy to make time for a work out and our chats about working out.

I’m back.

I’m awake. I’m sitting 10 feet from the home gym. I’m in my work out clothes. I am technically 100% ready to get in there.  I just don’t wanna. I know… that’s not the right mentality to have… but I just don’t wanna. I wanna crawl back in bed with hubby and dog and sleep for another hour. I wanna sit online and read what’s happened over night while I actually slept.  I even want to check my work email to see if anything has happened in the 9 hours since I left it alone. 

Enough of the “wannas” because those aren’t getting my booty to the gym!

I need to. That’s a whole different emotion. I need to drop a few more pounds so my knees won’t hurt so much and maybe my hip will love me again. I think it would be easier to live on Mars with less gravitational pull at this point.  I need to so I can keep these headaches away. I need to because it is what my body needs even if my brain thinks it wants something else.  My body will love me for the endorphin rush at some point.  Right??


Ok.. Ok.. you talked me into it. No Mars landing — just go land my butt in the bike seat in the gym. I got it!

Happy Sweating!


Goal today: 15+ minutes of exercise + 5 squats + upping water intake.



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