Fitness: Try Something New

Yep, that’s what I said — Try something new in your work out.

You may have a routine you like, but your muscles need to work in different ways to get stronger. The same walk day after day will keep you moving, but your muscles will get used to the routine. They won’t work as hard.  So, try something new!  

If you always do cardio and never do weights, yoga, or pilates, try one of those activities in place of one cardio work out. Check out a new class at the gym or dust off those old dumbbells from the closet.

Today, I went for a walk with Hubby and Doggy before work. I have been avoiding it because my asthma has been acting up or maybe it is my acid reflux — or maybe both! So today, I just went for it and went on the walk with him and her. I enjoyed it!  I wasn’t bothered by my acid / asthma any more than if I was on the bike in the house! WHAT?! Wahoo!!! It was great to get some fresh air and get in my morning exercise.


Try something new
15+ minutes of activity

Let me know what you did to change it up!

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