Thankful Thursday: Snuggles

Simple, yet effective.  Snuggle time really makes me feel better.  If I am sick, let me lay on you. If I had a bad day, let me find that perfect spot to snuggle up against and help the day melt away.  If I had a good day, hold me tight and make it an even better day.  If I worked out too hard the day before and I look like I hurt, let me snuggle on you in the most awkward for you yet most comfortable for me.

Yep.  I’m a snuggler. I love to snuggle on the hubby or have him snuggle on me.  Of course, there is Miss Snugglebutt who loves to lean on either of us and take a warm nap.  We’re just a family of snugglers.

I’m a snuggler. He’s a snuggler. She’s a snuggler. Wouldn’t you like to be a snuggler, too?

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