Fitness: Booty Time


Time to get a better butt! 

We can all start targeted muscle workouts, but it doesn’t mean we will get the toning we want in that specific area. Our body’s like to add and drop weight wherever it likes, never where we want it!  It doesn’t mean we can’t try! Right?!  So let us begin!!  

Reminder: I’m not a fitness expert and I’m not here to tell you what to do for a work out.  I’m just here to motivate you, and me, to get our butts to the gym! =)


Complete 15+ minutes of exercise today. Consider squats, leg lifts, or yoga to help you tone your glutes. If you already work out, can you add 15 more minutes or alter your work out to try something new?


Replace one sugary or high carbohydrate snack with a high protein snack. Instead of buying that bag of M&Ms, buy a bag of peanuts.


Let us know how you handled your sugar cravings today!!

2 thoughts on “Fitness: Booty Time

  1. I try to replace my sugar cravings with fruit 🙂 in terms of working out, yesterday I actually did a really good glute workout watching the Tone it Up girls on Youtube

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