Fitness: Snack Swap

Today’s goal: Replace one sugary or high carbohydrate snack with a high protein snack. Instead of buying that bag of M&Ms, buy a bag of peanuts. Try to drink more water when you think you’re hungry. Enjoy a protein shake instead of a can of pop (or soda depending on here you’re from).  It is your time to choose something different.

I have removed all the sugary things from my desk that I would snack on in stressful times.  I replaced them with a container of Cashews. Sure sure, Almonds would be better, but it is a first step in the right direction.

Let us know how you handled your sugar cravings today!!

And, if you’re inclined + 15 minutes of exercise.



One thought on “Fitness: Snack Swap

  1. Well, it is my birthday weekend and there are snacks EVERYWHERE!!! I did laugh about the POP or SODA comment…..Idaho says pop!!! LOL

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