Thankful Thursday: Hanging with Family

Simply hanging out with family is something I am thankful for.

Sometimes, it’s the simple snuggling on the couch with my nuclear family.  We love our snuggle puppy. When do I have do stop calling her a puppy? Sure she’s 1.5 years old, but she’s still so spunky! Falling asleep on the hubby is one of the most comfortable spots in the planet.  I only have shared with one other person in 17 years, it’s that special.

Sometimes, it is talking on the couch with family I haven’t seen in a year or sitting at the dining room table catching up after what feels like an eternity of not seeing each other.  Both are perfect.

Sometimes, it is the best girl friends sitting in the sauna drinking warm tea. Speaking of which — HH & SM — we need to do that again! When girls catch up with each other it is non stop talking. I have no idea what guys are like when they catch up. Would a guy care to tell me?!

Whomever makes up your family, I hope you enjoy time with you born or you chosen family.  Please consider making time for folks if you’re the resolution making kind of person. =)  I need to do that same, so I’m going to see if I can follow my own advice and schedule some time with my family.

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