Fitness: Never Ending Quest

In my never ending quest to get healthier, I plan on posting different ideas multiple times a week to help me (and you if you choose) be accountable to the choices I make.  I want working out to become a habit. I want choosing healthier snacks to become a habit. So, I’m going to do my best to keep up with that! =)

I am overweight, but I weigh less than my near 200 max.  I fight with Asthma and GERD when I exercise, so I would stop working out. My knees hurt, often. I got arthritis in my knee(s) about 4 years ago.  I have thick thighs. I have pretty good calves, though there is an extra layer of fat on them right now.  I have flabby arms.  I still manage to have an hourglass figure that only looks good from head one.  I sometimes look pregnant though I never have been in my life.  These are things I like and struggle with regularly. I miss seeing that bony part of the human wrist and my clavicles.  I’m not saying I want to be skin and bones, I’m saying a little less thickness is what I’m looking for. Healthier, not skinny, but thinner will happen when I get healthier.

It’s time to get fit! 

Will you help me be accountable?


15 minutes of physical activity of your choice. What is the get healthy activity you like the most (or hate the least)? Make 15 minutes for it today!!! Please post up what you did and for how long; Be an inspiration for me and others!!!

2 thoughts on “Fitness: Never Ending Quest

  1. Today, I worked out with a group at work. We had revolving stations which included running on a treadmill for 1.5 miles and then moving on to a routine that did NOT involve weights.
    Every minute at the top of each minute, we did 2 pull ups or chin ups and 5 push ups. We did this for approximately 12 minutes. Once the group that was running finished, they would replace the group doing pull ups and push ups. Then the next station was wall squats or wall sits and straight leg dead lifts. The wall squats/sits were for 45 seconds, and then we did 5 dead lifts. Again, this went on for the time it took for the next running group on the treadmills. The entire time of exercise was no more than 40 minutes, but some of us did stretch out and cooled down in various ways.

    I know this is probably too hard for the beginner or someone trying to get in shape, but I thought I could let you in on my routine. However, a lot of people swear by the fact that “abs start in the kitchen.” You cannot begin to think about slimming down and getting into better shape if you don’t improve your eating habits.

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