Thankful Thursday: Christmas with Family

My closest family lives two states away.  We don’t get to see each other often.  We all have busy lives with our own family, work, and responsibilities.  It doesn’t mean we don’t think of each other often.  I know I do. 

Out of the blue I’ll get a wild hair and shoot an email to check in and see what’s up. I hardly call because of the time zone difference and I don’t want to intrude on time with the kids or their personal lives.  Maybe that’s my dorkiness coming out.  I like to give people their space.  I enjoy a random call or visit myself, but I don’t expect others to be like me.

This Thursday I am thankful for physical time with family. We made plans to head over, from one desert to another, to spend the weekend with my brother and his family.

What a special treat. This 11+ hour drive will be so worth it when I wrap my arms around him and I am enveloped by his.  All will be right with the world.  

The world with right itself a bit more when I hug my sister in law, who’s more like the sister I never had, than an in law. Then the kids, who aren’t small anymore, will make the world spin just a little faster.  

Will there be a “D sandwich”? We will have to wait and see. Don’t know what that is? I’ll fill you in!! 

When the oldest was smaller, MMC Racing and I would both hug our nephew, where he was in the middle, like an Oreo cookie and he represents the filling.  He would protest, but in the end, it would make is all giggle.  He’s in the Air Force now. Not sure he’s up for a sandwich like that these days.

I am thankful for being licked and / or tail whacked by the fur kids which will happen somewhere in the greeting process.  They have a new baby, much like we do, so we will get to meet her as well!  

Little Miss Annie will get to meet everyone as well. Oh my!! I sure do hope all four fur kids get along!! I’m sure they will since they are all well socialized. 

There will be Greek cookie baking on Christmas day. I begged my brother to wait for me to make them.  He graciously agreed.  I haven’t made these since we were kids!!!!  It will be a great relearning experience, and at a whole different altitude it will be a new experience for us both!! 

I am thankful for all the new memories we will create this weekend.  It’s the perfect way to spend Christmas. 

I am thankful for the ability to go see my family, for my family being my family, for the good fortune to be off work to make this trip happen, for my dear husband being willing to share the drive with me, for my brother wanting to see us, for gas prices being tolerable, and for everything else to I forgot to mention!!!

Are you visiting special people this holiday season? Tell me about them. 

One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Christmas with Family

  1. I cant wait to hear about your day in person and watch your eyes twinkle!!!!!! Merry Christmas my friend….you are one of my true blessings!!!!

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