Thankful Thursday: 2015 Nissan GT-R

Thankful for a car?

Well, I am thankful we could buy this car, if you want to get technical on the thankful part.

We have been very good with our saving and spending. We have been having fun, but also banking money aside for a sweet ride.  The ride came in a different flavor and color than we had originally planned, but when this amazing deal came to us, we couldn’t resist. 

I am thankful MMC Racing did his research.  I am thankful MMC Racing reached out to a dealer we know to find this great deal.  I am thankful MMC Racing was socking money away!  I am thankful we found the card we wanted in the area we wanted (last time we had to go to NorCal to get a car like this!).

Beautiful Nose
Beautiful Nose

Buying this car was pretty easy.  MMC Racing worked out the price before we even went to look at the car.  I am thankful we have experience buying cars from dealerships and learning that pre-negotiating is the only way to go when buying a new car.

Side View
Side View

I like blue butts and I cannot lie…

Beautiful Butt
Beautiful Buttz

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