Thankful Thursday: Rain!!!

Holy cow we’re on our third day of rain here in Southern California.

It has mostly been a tinkling of rain, some people call it drizzle.  Oddly, when I moved here and it rained the first time the drops were so small it might as well have been mist! I decided since it was coming from the clouds in a downward motion is must be some form of rain I named, Tinkle.  Today, and for the past two days, we have had a lot of Drizzle and even some actual Rain. Wahoo!!  There was a Flash Flood Warning that I heard was cancelled yesterday on the way to work. I’m not sure anyone predicted the rain would last until today — so maybe the Flood Warning came back?

Houses are on stilts in So Cal and they hopefully had really great footers on their stilts, for times like these.

Today’s forecast calls for rain to start at 9 am. Do you see what time this is being posted (I’m writing it right now, Thursday morning)?  It’s currently raining! I wish they would update the forecasts to match reality sometimes.

Let’s get back to the Thankful part!  I love the smell of rain! WOW!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed it. That wet dirt and grass smell. Makes me feel good inside (even if I’m cold).

I am Thankful my commute isn’t horrible in the rain (of which I should start early today).

I am Thankful the garden is getting watered by mother nature and will give the winter crops a kick start they need. I just need to remember to fertilize this weekend!

I am Thankful mother nature washed the truck after off roading last week (since we didn’t hose her off).

I am also Thankful today is my last work day of the week. Nope, it has nothing to do with rain, but I am ready for a three day weekend.


Thank you for reading. Are you Thankful for rain? Why?

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