Thankful Thursday: Fall

A pair of mismatched knee socks, plaid flannel soft and warm pants, a long sleeved shirt from the Animal Park, and an oversized sweatshirt with puppies embroidered on the chest, snuggling under a throw blanket from the couch, listening to the quiet of the night, nestled next to the husband with our baby girl sleeping in a ball at our feet.  Sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it?

I enjoy fall weather. A LOT.  It means we can do the above, nearly every night of the week if we want!!  Falling asleep outside, on the covered patio, is pretty much perfection. No, we don’t stay out there all night though we could, but to relax enough together as a family to fall asleep – heavenly.

It also means tights!  When I wear dresses or skirts at work, I must wear tights.  It is always so cold or there is a draft or something just gives me a chill. Now is the time for shopping!  I haven’t mastered where to get low rise tights in great colors yet, so if you have a recommendation, please leave it in a comment!

It also means baking!  I have baked several home grown Kershaw Pumpkin desserts.
Example of Kershaw Pumpkins

Next up will be cookies or something else sweet. Hmmm… I do have some bananas waiting to be made into bread in the freezer.  Hubby will be happy if that gets made!

I love a weekend nap…I took one in the car today while hubby was driving home… not quite what I meant, but I enjoyed the nap nonetheless.

I also really ReaLy REALLY like that it’s my birthday season.  I enjoy the ice cream cake that comes with my anniversary.  Wonder what it will be this year?!

What is your favorite part about Fall?

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