Thankful Thursday: A good cry

When was the last time you had a good cry? I had no idea I needed one today…

It’s not that I intended to have a good cry… but my body needed one after all of the chaos that’s been going on in my life since last Monday.

Last week, Monday, I wasn’t feeling great. Stuffy head. Santa Ana winds blowing. Awful. So, I did what any allergy person would do — blow it out in the shower! So I did. After that, my nose started to feel tingly and numb. WHAT?

Monday afternoon it spread to more places of my face.
Tuesday, more.
Wednesday, even more.
Thursday morning, I couldn’t feel my contact go in my eye. This is a serious problem. I kept asking MMCRacing if I had “blown out a nerve” or something insane like that.

I call my Dentist (I have two temp crowns in) to see if this could be related to his work. Nope.

I call the Primary Care doctor. She can’t get me in until sometime on Friday. I asked to speak to a nurse, not just make an appointment. That call was stressful, until the appointment taker FINALLY listened to me and said that I should talk to a nurse. No kidding. Nurse talked to doctor. Doctor said go to Urgent Care. By the sounds of the symptoms, I was going to need a Head CT and / or MRI.


(enter my Thankful post last week)

Husband and I locate an urgent care. Turns out to be the best there is in our area. =)
CT is ordered.
CT is clear. No head trauma. No tumors. No stroke. Wahoo!!! I’m fine! Well, fine, but my face is numb.

Diagnosis: Numbness. I get Rx’d antivirals and steroids.  I’m not a fan, but I’ll take them.

I follow up with my Primary care on Monday. Same diagnosis. She answered all of my questions and concerns.  I felt better walking out of there, but still, numb face. Ahhh!!!

The doctor had said 6-8 weeks for full recovery. I am not saying I am recovered, but I am saying that I think I am feeling better.


Today, I was getting a permanent crown put in, and I have a nervous breakdown, right there in the chair. Ahhh!!!!!  I get them to finally stop working so I can calm down. It takes forever. Was feels like forever at least.  That is a looonger stroy.



So… here I am… Thankful Thursday again.  I am beginning to feel some more of my face!!  

I am thankful for all of the love, care, and kindness MMC Racing has given me. He loves me, and I know it, but the overwhelming amount of concern and calmness is amazing. Damn I got the best guy on the planet!

I am thankful for Western Medicine that could prove there was no major trauma in my head.

I am thankful for the friends and family that have been talking me through calmness and ideas for meditation and yoga. 


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep my Thankful Thursday schedule as I am spending less time online and more time finding my Zen.  Hang with me while I recover. 

Let me know what you’re thankful for. Let me know how you meditate. Let me know how you find your center.  I need some inspiration. =)


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