Thankful Thursday: Days with Friends

I had the most amazing day.

It started with Toastmasters. I was the Toastmaster, I was a little goofier than I should have been. We were short on participants, but it didn’t stop us from having a grand time today and filling all the functionary rolls.

Next on the agenda was a Landscape walk for our community. It is the one thing I can still participate in (occasionally), within the community, now that I work full time outside the home.  It was a crap shoot as a majority didn’t show for the meeting, but I had a wonderful time catching up with my friend E. We caught up on life, significant others, pets, etc. Was a wonderful time to reconnect with him and also talk about a few problem areas.

This was immediately followed by lunch with an old fart of a friend, T.  T and I haven’t seen each other in what feels like forever. It’s probably been a couple months.  I am so glad I could make time to meet him for lunch at our favorite place. The Studio Diner.  If you haven’t had the Crabcake Benny — you must try it! Mmmm!!!  He’s fond of the Cajun Salmon Caesar Salad.  We bullshitted and learned what each other had been working on since our last meal.  All went well, though it did have to come to and end. There was a line of people waiting and we couldn’t order more food because we were stuffed from the initial order. So we went our separate ways.

On to checking in with my stylist at HS Salon where I get my hairs did.  I told her what was working for me and what I needed the next time I came in for my hair cut. I wiggled my hair fountain at B and she laughed. “Only you.”

This is what happens when someone challenges me to try the fountain look.
This is what happens when someone challenges me to try the fountain look.

I take that as a fine compliment!  I also did my due diligence by dropping off a few doTERRA catalogs and business cards while I was there. Might as well try to make a buck, right?

Then the text I had been waiting for came in!  JW was ready to go SHOPPING!  Wahoo!!  This is a special treat as JW and I don’t get to actually spend time together a lot even though we see each other every work day.  The new DSW just opened in town and we made ourselves a date to go!  I had all my coupons and freebies printed and ready to go. And go we did!  I came out with three pairs of work shoes. She came out with one work and one play. We both got a free bag / tote and we both earned points and saved money! Wahoo! Yep. We came. We saw. We conquered!  Who wants to do it again next weekend?

The evening will be spent with my bestest friends of all. MMC Racing and our little snugglebutt.  We’ll enjoy a meal together, catch up on the day, snuggle and watch a little TV.

Perfect Day With Friends.

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