Thankful Thursday: Nature’s Miracle

Maybe this isn’t the best topic in the world, but I have to tell you, pee happens. So does poop… and well… so does puke.

Nature’s Miracle has been in our home for at least 16 years helping us eliminate pee, poop, and vomit smells and stains our dogs gifted to us.


Best Stuff on the Planet for Pee Remover!


I bring this up today because Annie has graced us with fake grass and stomach fluid this morning. Yippee for me!  Hubby took the dog outside, while I cleaned. It’s gone now. She’s settled down now. The washing machine just beeped telling me her floor mat has been de-puked.


I am thankful Nature’s Miracle pet stain remove and urine destroyer. It has saved many a carpet in many homes and apartments over the last 16 years.

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