Thankful Thursday: My People – The guys

I am thankful for lifelong friends: My protectors, heroes, and teddy bears.

These guys are my forever friends, since before that was a term.  Yes, they’re guys and you would think it strange, but not with these guys.  These guys would all protect me from harm if they were there and capable.

Tony Posing for Me
Tony Posing for Me

I know they don’t want to hear that I think they are teddy bears… but they are.  They don’t look all soft on the inside. They don’t talk soft on the outside.  Get them talking about days gone by and they become cuddly balls of fluff.

Bill Caught of Guard
Bill Caught of Guard

I was recently lucky enough to go on a trip home, to Chicago.  It was a whirlwind of a time.  I saw these three guys that I grew up with, all in one night. The party didn’t last nearly as long as I wanted (forever), but it was a party just for us. For us to reconnect, to laugh, to cry, to crack corny jokes no one else would understand.  Did I mention it was perfect?

Jay probably telling me to behave
Does Jay have me under arrest for smiling too much?

Ahhh, it was perfect.  Thank you guys for being my protectors, heroes, and teddy bears.

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