Thankful Thursday: Timing is Everything

The other day I was getting ready to visit a friend in the hospital, but the location information I had felt wrong.  I was searching for the correct place and poof!, she instant messages me.  I let her know I’m ready and find out where should I go. I offer to bring her anything she needs (except a ride home). I have to make a pit stop at the pharmacy on the way — no problem.  I was already dressed and just needed to grab my keys to get on the road. Perfect Timing.

I realize I need gas, and the station is close to the pharmacy. Great, I’ll swing in to the always busy gas station and wait 10 minutes for a pump. Nope. Pulled right in and got myself some fuel in no time flat. Perfect Timing.

Pulling out of the station is never easy, and I won’t pretend that day was any exception.  I got out, waited at the light, and then pulled into the pharmacy parking lot.  Good timing.  😉

The pharmacy was mostly empty. I thought that was great for me. I could get in and get out and be on the road.  Item requested was procured. Easy. Then I decided to make the trip a lot longer.  I wanted to pick up a card for the friend I was going to see today.  For me, card shopping takes FOREVER.  Oddly, four cards in, I found the perfect fit.  I hope she doesn’t laugh to hard and pull a stitch was about the only concern I had about the card.  Pretty good timing.

While I was there, I noticed crayons! Ohh, COLORS! !! I was looking for coloring books. Couldn’t find a THING while at the colors area.  An older woman came by the cards — she looked like she loved card shopping as much as I do — came around the corner. I turned to her, “I wish they had coloring books,” I said in a deflated tone. “Did you check in Toys?” AHA!! Talking to strangers is my gift in life. I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone! Would you believe it? There, on the top shelf, a My Little Pony Activity / Coloring book with a purple cover was staring me in the face! WAHOO!!  I picked it up, looked around, and saw my new friend down the aisle.  I showed it to her, did a happy dance, and walked to her. We talked for a few moments about crayons, my friend, my socks… you know — the usual.  SO THANKFUL for meeting this woman.  Before I headed to the check out, I asked if she knew if this store carried flowers.  She didn’t think so, but recommended going next door to the florist. Great idea!

I prance my way (you remember how my little ponies prance when they’re happy) to the cashier then out the door with my goodies.  I look right, look left, and then prance to the left to the florist. I reach for the door and it is closed. WHAT?!  I look at the hours and it says until 3.  It can’t be after 3 already can it?  Sure enough, it’s 3:20. My shoulders sink and my prance has left me. What bad timing.

All of a sudden, the door opens from inside. A kind man’s face is behind the door. “Can I help you?”

“Yes. Please? I am looking for a couple of flowers for a friend in the hospital.” I pause.  I suddenly remember, “I have cash if that helps?!”

He offers to let me in. His wife is further in the store and she asks what I’m looking for. What amazing people.  I point to this small, perfectly purple arrangement in the cooler. “That one. Can I have that one?” I am pointing enthusiastically at these purple roses.  “Yes, you can.” She backs out of the cooler with the arrangement and it is more lovely as it gets closer to me. a narrow glass vase holds 5 flowers. The man starts boxing it for transport and she tells me her register is already closed. “How about $20?”  Seriously? Only $20?! Perfect.” I say and I find my cash in my wallet. Mind you, I hardly EVER have cash in my wallet. Perfect Timing.

I zip out and would you believe — the woman from the pharmacy is getting in the car with her husband! I quickly tell them the story of what just happened and I thank them so much for the recommendation. She reaches across her husband, he’s in the driver’s seat, to shake my hand. How wonderful of a day am I having?!  Perfect Timing.

I don’t often have perfect timing. I often get stuck by every light there is when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere or end up behind the truck that is dropping debris on the two lane road I follow to get to work. When the good happens — I take the time to reflect and be thankful for those moments.


Thank you to the older couple in the pharmacy for being some of the nicest strangers I have ever met.

Thank you to the Florist for opening your door to me.

Thanks to the Universe for the perfect timing I needed this day.



When did you have perfect timing (or the best luck ever)? Tell me about it.

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