Thankful Thursday: Flexibility

Thank you my friends for opening your door for me this week and being willing to flex with my hectic life.


A couple nights ago I made plans with H to make dinner together. She and I haven’t seen each other in what feels like forever. I had a harvest I needed to eat or share. It was a perfect match.

S had some stuff for me and lives close to where I work. H also works closed to where S lives. We agreed to meet at S’s house for a drink, grab my things, then scoot off to dinner.

Enter a four letter word.




I ended up working 1.5 hours later than scheduled and figured I missed my opportunity to see my friends.  I was locked in a room discussing some very important things and did not have my cell with me. Whoops!

I get to my desk and H has texted. S’s hubby, J, has called.  I check in and they’re all still at S & J’s house and there is food! HELL YES!!! Who “lucked out” on this one?! THIS GIRL!

I zipped over to their house. The door opened, the hugs were bountiful, my heart was full.  We enjoyed several hugs, laughs, great food (S is an excellent cook), stories, and that we should make plans more often.

I got home super late and MMC Racing was out cold in bed. Next time, I’ll be sure to drag him along.


Thank you my friends for always being there for me, having an open door and open arms, and for being so willing to change your schedule to fit into mine.

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