My People

This is a post I should have made on July 6th from the airplane on my way home from Chicago.  I am a bit late in posting, but it is no less heart felt. I knew the friends I was about to see, who I hadn’t seen in 20+ years, were the best friends a person […]

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Thankful Thursday: Facebook

I know… I know.. that awful thing… Yep. I am thankful for Facebook.   Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with childhood, high school, and college friends. I found friends I lost touch with before the internet was around for public consumption. This Fourth of July was a special one for me — of which […]

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Thankful Thursday: Flexibility

Thank you my friends for opening your door for me this week and being willing to flex with my hectic life. ~~~ A couple nights ago I made plans with H to make dinner together. She and I haven’t seen each other in what feels like forever. I had a harvest I needed to eat or share. It was a […]

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Thankful Thursday: Opportunities

I heard a speech this year (let’s call it a pre-TedTalk) about Luck. The more I listened, the more I knew wasn’t lucky — I had simply been placing myself in the right places at the right times.   I was inspired by this talk given at the RealOrators Toastmasters Club by Darlene Fenn of COHR Consulting. If […]

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