Flash Fiction Friday Challenges

Elissa Daye , as you know is a dear friend and published author, has started Flash Fiction Fridays. I just wrote 818 words for this week’s FFF. She posted what I wrote for last week!! How cool is that???

If you desire, please do any or all of the following: Tell me what you think about Flash Fiction in general (useful, never heard of it, you host your own, etc.) . Tell me what you think about the volunteers’ contributions. Look into Miss Daye’s written work and buy a book.

Happy Writing!

Author Elissa Daye

I’ve already gotten quite a bit of interest for Flash Fiction Fridays! I’m so excited to share them with you here. Last week, the challenge was to include the word “grass” somewhere into your story. Before I attach those stories, remember to check the bottom of this post for the next challenge.

Flash Fiction #1

Untitled by Elissa Daye

Too often, she had stared out the windows, watching the world as it passed her by. Sara felt like a child stuck on a slow motion merry-go-round that would not stop, and while the world turned quickly around her, she could not help the foggy haze that filtered everywhere around her. She was aware of the living around her as much as the dead that rose from the shadows. She longed to cross the boundaries that had shut her in, to fling her arms up into the wide open air as the…

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