Thankful Thursday (on Friday): Being Busy

I am so busy at work, it is crazy!!! 

My team of two is:

Redefining a team site in SharePoint by the direction of a program manager.
Writing requirements for the SharePoint so that IT can code the requirements.
Defining workflows for how data will be managed and controlled in a different SharePoint.
Writing requirements for the that SharePoint by reviewing 30+ STANAG, DEFSTAN, FAR, etc.
Managing access to that SP and all of its 7 (give or take a couple) libraries.
Managing access to the previously mentioned team site
Defining the process for how to do all of those things for the specific SharePoint sites.
Writing a workflow for artifacts for different countries

On top of all that stuff and it’s not even detailed all of the little things to do…
We are managing some engineering process adherence.
This means requesting project engineers do what they were supposed to do when their projects were initiated.
And contacting all the directors they work for and slap them on the wrists.
And then coordinating with whichever director has an admin, and tell them the specific needs we have from the engineering group.
And create metrics to track how many eso need to be completed in a 4 week period to get us on track for an audit coming up in June and August.
Did I mention we are also tasked with rewriting this process and selecting a new database to manage the engineering process data in? Oh, I didn’t? Well, we do… And all of that has to be done by 12/31/14 to meet a company goal for process improvement for this year.

Ok. If that doesn’t make you tired, I don’t know what will.  Now you know why I missed this week’s TT post… I was busy!

I am thankful for being busy — job security, enjoy the people I work with, truly appreciate weekends, etc. etc. etc.

How busy are you?

P.S. Please excuse typos for I’m in a hurry for my Friday schedule and I didn’t plan to write this post this morning…

MMC Racing’s birthday is today!!!!
Breakfast with a friend.
Pick up records from dentist
Bake banana bread
Play with Annie / play in garden — got to feed the soul.
Clean house?? *yeah right*
2pm haircut
3:30 or later help a foster dog get used to medium size dogs by having a play date in the back yard.
Birthday dinner 
Make grocery list for BBQ on Saturday.
Grocery shop.
Crash and Burn.

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