Thankful Thursday: More Memories

I cried the other day over something new that reminded me of something old.

Annie shed a toe nail on the kitchen floor.

This isn’t “breaking news” or something that should make a Dog Mom cry.  That should make me happy because that is one less nail that needs trimming next weekend!  On the contrary, it made me remember Samantha.  Sam would shed her toe nails all the time. I hardly had to trim them, not that she cared much about that process. She was always a patient girl when it came to Mom checking things out.

This toe nail was innocuous, but flooded my head with images of Samantha when she was younger (middle aged perhaps) — still with us.  I hadn’t stepped on one of her nails in a very long time… so it feels.  It’s only been about 4 months since she’s passed.

Hubby and I worked in the yard the rest of the day. Planting, weeding, adding lights, etc. Doing what we do on the weekends. Enjoying our yard, Annie, life.

In the evenings, the lights go on in the yard automagically. The lights turned on when we were resting in the living room with the windows and shades open.  Sam’s tree officially lit up. The light glowed on her tree perfectly. No adjustments needed. There she was: standing tall, healthy, and proud in the back yard. The tree looks like it is alone in that area of the yard. The background is black and peaceful while her tree shines bright in the evening.  We both cried. I know it was because I am so happy to have her with us, in some way.

I hope Sammy is in Doggy Heaven – happy and healthy, wagging her tail at her parents.  We think of you a lot, Sam. Thank you for the memories no matter how much they make me miss you.

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