Thankful Thursday: Touching Memories

Adapted from a speech I recently gave in Toastmasters.  Speech 8 from the Competent Communicator Manual focuses on Getting Comfortable with Visual Aids.  The Objectives of this speech are: to select visual aids that are appropriate for your message and the audience.


Scrapbooking brings me peace and joy.
A sense of calm comes over me when I am places pictures to the page. I’m going to share with you why I believe saving memories in a tangible book is so important and also share a few of my favorite pages with you.

I have a short memory. I write everything down because I won’t remember it when I leave the room. When I go on vacation, I keep a journal just for the trip. I write about what we did, where we went, and if anything we did should be forever remember. I believe pictures are important, but only tell part of the story. I also feel the words bring the reader into the vacation.

May 24th, 2004

This morning I found my way to St Tropez Bakery & Bistro. I had a lovely chocolate croissant and a glass of Milk. The ceiling of the bakery has clouds painted on the ceiling, the walls were a deep yellow color. It was bright yet relaxing in there. I walked over to Horton Plaza after that – just down to the corner. I saw a really neat fountain outside the hotel there, and I tried to snap a couple of pictures. I decided to follow the advice of the “Photo Secrets” book and see the photogenic areas of the mall. It was great being closed still, there weren’t people in the way of taking my photographs. I had a pretty good time trying to find the places in the book.

Writing_Smiling_atthe_Mall  100_1057 100_1062


I make my books to fit the emotions I had at the time, so I won’t forget. A little punch of color around a photo is sometimes all you need to make the picture pop. This page is of the third love of my life. This is my Daytona Blue 2004 Nissan 350Z 5 Speed automatic transition with the touring package. This page is comprised of few words, several photos and a few pieces of bubbly paper to mimic my feelings of the day.

100_1413 100_1414 




I am a HUGE fan of baby pictures. Kids grow up so quickly. It is hard to remember what they looked like 6 months ago, let alone 15 or years ago or 40 years from now. When I am old with a fading memory of my first born, I hope this book will help me to remember the good times gone by. These pictures are from Samantha’s book. Look at her little tush learning how to climb stairs.

10-12-1998SammyPuppy_upstairs img3 img2
I probably have a terabyte of digital pictures. Why do I need to scrapbook? For the touch factor. Sitting in an office chair, in front of a computer screen flipping through pictures with a mouse is much less satisfying than sitting on a comfy couch, leisurely flipping through pages of hand written notes and the best of the best photos from the event or year. Touching the pages brings back my memories.

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