Being sick is yucky.

I came down with something two Thursdays ago.  Just felt congested and full of junk. The winds were whipping stuff around so I thought it was allergies.
Last Sunday I felt good enough, with some OTC meds on board, to work in the yard a bit. Did a few gardening things and I was happy. Took a hot shower then rested on the couch the rest of the day.
Monday came and still the junk was there.
Tuesday came and I started to lose my voice. WHAT?!? How can I NOT talk?!  If you know me, I’m a talker and this is like a disability for me. Ahhh!!!!
Thursday came around and I realized I have had this thing for a week. It’s more than allergies. Thursday night a cough started. A gross wet one at that. 

I have been on the couch since Saturday morning. I have watched nearly everything I DVRd. There’s just a couple movies left to sleep through today and then I’ll be all caught up on the DVR and can make room for other things.

Today I’ll be seeing my doctor and she’ll fix me right up. I hope!!??  That’s only an hour away so I should probably make myself presentable for her… don’t you think?

Annie has a little cough too, so I’m hoping to get her in today as well to see her primary doc and we’ll figure out what’s wrong with her today too.  Maybe it’s just allergies for her since it is sporadic, but it’s still weird and I don’t like it.


Stay tuned for Thankful Thursday this week. What are you thankful for this week? 

I hope you remain well and don’t cough up junk like I am.

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