Thankful Thursday: Pay Checks

It’s been a year since I had a paycheck. 

Last week: MMC Racing told me he could see a new deposit in the account on Friday. I jumped for joy, quietly, at my desk.  It is finally real. I have been working for three weeks and not for free!! Wahoo!! They paid me! YES!!!!!!!! They really like me and will pay me to do my job! *faint*

I felt a bit guilty going clothes shopping at Banana Republic for work before I had money coming in. I needed new clothes, but it didn’t mean it didn’t feel weird spending several hundred dollars on clothes. It nearly made me sick!!!!  My stomach churned as the cashier rang up each piece of clothes.

Also last week, I spent a little bit on Pampered Chef  products.  I had a party, and I couldn’t pass up a 65% (or something crazy like that) offer!  O picked up a few must haves for the busy chef.  I can’t wait to cook a WHOLE chicken in 30 minutes in the microwave!!  Super awesome way to get dinner done quickly on a work night.

I then spent a another bit on doTERRA essential oils. I feel this was a must have also.  I need a little balance and immunity booster now that I am around a bunch of people. I didn’t protect myself soon enough though…I picked up a cold.  Soon, I’ll feel MUCH better thanks to my EOs on board.

I am so very thankful for being a household monetary contributor again. Wahoo!!!!

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