Thank you, Miss Annie Marie Fussy Butt, for leaning your head on the wall this morning. 

This is not something we have seen you do before, but it was something Samantha Michele did all the time.  We never thought it looked comfortable, but she did it nonetheless. Today, while I was toweling off from a warm shower, trying to wash away my cold, I saw you laying with your head propped up on the wall.  I called Daddy over to look. I was in instant tears.  You were so cute doing what we were used to seeing, but it wasn’t the dog I expected. Your Daddy blocked my view trying to help me stop the tears, but it was too late. They came for Sam as they often do.

Then later today, you were snuggling on the couch with us, and Daddy asked if you were the best dog? Your arm went from straight up to bent. You love having the straight leg up in the air, so it was touching that you lowered it.  Sam was the best dog ever; that was her title in this house.  You are an amazing and awesome dog, Annie, but you haven’t earned that title quite yet. You have at least 10 more years to earn it, okay?

Thank you, Annie, for reminding me of our Sam today. While I didn’t need the tears, I do need her and you in my life.

Thank you, Annie, for being so very different from Sam. If you were the same color or had the same temperament, I’m not sure how I would survive. You wouldn’t know what your name is, I could guarantee that.

Thank you, Samantha, for letting us be your parents for 15 1/2 years. You will always be special and I will keep your memories close to my heart. I hope you’re ok with me letting Annie have a piece of it too.

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