Thankful Thursday: What do you believe?

I believe everything happens for a reason.

I do not practice an organized religion. I do not go to church. I wasn’t raised in a religious household… But I do believe everything happens for a reason.  Yes, even the shitty things.

I don’t think we (and I mean I and maybe you in ‘we’) understand why things happen when they happen.  Maybe we need to learn a lesson. Maybe we need a change we didn’t know we needed.

I feel like during this last year, I needed to learn a few life lessons.  Being unemployed left a lot of time for reflection, remembering, thinking, and rerunning situations on how I would have done things differently.

We decided to adopt / rescue a fur baby while I was off work.  We figured, what other way to get a job offer than to have a responsibility at home that requires full time attention?  Right?  We were contemplating buying an ultra expensive car, but opted for a puppy instead.  Annie has been an amazing addition to our family.  Samantha didn’t love her like we do, but Sam was a great big sister.  Sam showed Annie how to “speak” on command.  Sam was a quiet well behaved girl and her mellow personality may have rubbed off on Annie.  Taking care of Annie was a full time job, with sleepless nights, whimpering, pottying, and learning the rules of the house.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  I learned more patience than I thought I could ever have.  I remembered what it was like 15 years ago to train Sam and this time, I hope, I did it better.  Annie is maturing into a very wonderfully obedient little girl. I would like to think it was all the time I put into her in training in the first months of her life with us.  We would never have gotten Annie if I was employed.  There wasn’t time to dedicate to a new baby while we were both working full time.

I was able to be with Sam every time she had a seizure.  We were there with her, every single time.  I was able to stay home with her and hang out with her while she recovered.  She never had to be alone during those times.  If I was working, she could have had a seizure alone.  I am so thankful to have been home with her every single time.  After she passed… I felt like this was the reason why I was out of work with no offers for so long.  I needed to be home with her.

I had time to practice writing — the thing I said I have wanted to do but never put time into doing.  I wrote over 50,000 words in November with thanks to NaNoWriMo.  I explored writing, researching, and practicing my craft.  I do not have a finished product (yet), but I have a lot of great words in two different books that will be finished one day.  Writing my living memoir was my therapy.  It helped me reflect on work, what I want to be when I grow up, and how I got into the position I was in.  Writing helped me to refocus me.  One day, I’ll be a published novelist — not sure when — but one day.  Without this time off, I would not have made the time to start the two books I did.

If I had a job this past year, I would never have applied for jobs at the company that has offered me this project manager position.  I would never have rewritten me resume in such a way that it peaked the interest of the hiring manger. I never would have gotten the call from HR to interview for a position I didn’t apply for.  I never would have had this opportunity — if I was working.

Did my unemployment happen for a reason, was it just bad luck, did I do something to deserve it? It could be all of these things.  Now that the ‘dry spell’ is over, I am very thankful it happened.

What do you believe?

One thought on “Thankful Thursday: What do you believe?

  1. Well, being your GOD loving GOD fearing friend, you know how I feel!! EVERYTHING happens for a reason. It is all GODs divine plan. I am happy with your outcome. Maybe someday you will be a believer. It is an awesome place to be!!

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