Thankful Thursday: The Same But Different

I am thankful for noticing the similarities and differences in our fur kids.

I recently gave a speech in Toastmasters on Border Collie colors. My speech was inspired by the differences I noticed in our 9 month old, Annie and our recently departed, Samantha. Sam had a rough coat, was tri-color red, and was not Merle in color. Annie is smooth coat, black and white, and not Merle in color.

I could use just one more cookie, Mom.
I could use just one more cookie, Mom.
Riding in the car
Riding in the car

We have noticed additional differences between our girls:

  • Samantha was not a snuggle-butt. Annie, as I think you may have noticed, is.
  • Samantha would sigh when we were too close to her and would move away. Annie buries her head in the blanket and “exhales loudly” through her nose but stays there for a long time.
  • Annie doesn’t wag her tail nearly enough. Sam was always wagging to tell you she was a happy girl.  It’s not to say that Annie isn’t a happy girl, but she doesn’t show it the same way.
  • Annie will look you in the eye, dead on.  Samantha, the ever submissive girl, would never look you in the eye.  Even if you had her muzzle in your hand and talked to her all nice and lovey — her eyes would be diverted.
  • Samantha was not very vocal — she learned to speak when spoken to (unless there was a problem). Annie will whine while chewing on a favorite bone. She’s not upset or hurt, she just whines in happiness.
  • Annie likes to chew on bones. Samantha was obsessed with balls.
  • Annie hasn’t learned to catch balls in the air yet. Sam was a pro from nearly day one.
  • Sam chewed through two metal crates.  Annie has scratched/chewed through two canvas crates.
  • Annie can “moo,” speak, and sing. Samantha only knew how to speak.

There will be more differences to be seen, I’m sure.  I am so thankful to be noticing the differences because these differences keep Samantha’s memory alive.

Special Thanks to my friend, JW, for talking with me this week, reminding me how awesome life is, and inspiring this post. ❤

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